Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hey It's A Post

its been quite awhile since I've done one of these so here's an update on all things Kathy. There's basically nothing bookish so skim as necessary.

Guys, life has been crazy. I get that everyone's life is busy and stressful and nuts, so I guess we're all in this together. Which is why I can say this past year has been extra hard as I've been fighting an anxiety disorder. Some days taking care of my kids and fighting that are all I can handle. I wish I had a nice little wrap up here, like: and then I started taking some medication and I'm all better now! Or: then I found a wonderful therapist and have reached enlightenment!

But those aren't true. I'm working with a really helpful therapist who is good with my occasional skepticsm and crotchety-ness. Medication made an impact but had too many crappy side effects for me to keep taking it. I know lots of people go through trial and error with that but for now it's not something I want to pursue.

So besides all that I try to keep up with my kids. My oldest is in first grade. It's been a transition to have full day school but that is getting easier for him. My middlest started preschool and really likes it. He has these two awesome grandma ladies for teachers and it's been a great fit. My baby is nearly 1, which is so crazy. She has some delays with motor skills and language so we're working with some early intervention programs on that. She does physical therapy every other week and it's made a big difference.

Occasionally I still read, although the recent stuff isn't the most blog-worthy. Right now I'm slowly making my way through two non-fiction books: Stop Walking on Eggshells, which talks a lot about setting boundaries in difficult relationships. And: Early Mormonism and the Magic Worldview, which appeals to the History major parts of me. I'm also trying to learn some basic computer programming because it's interesting and something I've never tried before.

So if you're still reading this, wow. And thanks. And that's what's been up with me. How are you all?