Monday, February 23, 2015

Read This: A Thousand Pieces of You

A Thousand Pieces of You
by Claudia Gray

The Goodreads Summary Says:   
I feel like the GR summary is spoilery so I wrote my own.

Marguerite's parents are all-star physicists who have invented a way to travel between different dimensions. But her father is betrayed and killed by Paul, one of his grad students, who also steals a dimension-traveling device. Now Marguerite and another grad student, Theo, are going to chase Paul through different dimensions and avenge her dad.

I Say:
5 stars
You know those books you read and enjoy so much that you can't stop thinking about them? This is one of those.

It's not perfect but I just loved A Thousand Pieces of You. The idea of seeing all the different possible lives that Marguerite could have had was so cool. (future!London, old-timey Russia, under the sea!) It was a mix of Quantum Leap and all the things I'd hoped David Levithan's Everyday would be. But while Everyday let me down, this did not. I love a story where a character has to fit into a totally different life and act like they know what's going on. And I really liked seeing all the different iterations of Marguerite, her family, and friends. There was danger and cool technology, and some swoony romance. (And dancing. It's brief but awesome.) The book uses flashback well and the mystery of what really happened with her dad was pretty good. This is more romance than mystery, but I was completely fine with that.

There are some elements of the mystery that are obvious, but while I was patting myself on the back for figuring it out I managed to miss a lot of details/clues. Some of the twists were completely unexpected, while others I only figured out partially. The romance got pretty intense pretty fast, but I enjoyed what I was reading so much that the little flaws were easy for me to overlook.


  1. I'm glad you liked this so much. I really want to read it now. I had never heard of it until I saw your post on GR.

  2. I loved it too! Glad you read one that sticks with you. I loved how it wasn't really time traveling, but PLACE traveling... Alternate History traveling. Something. Whatever it was, it was cool.

  3. I couldn't decide if I wanted to read this or not, but I think I will.

  4. Yeah, I need to read this one.