Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Book Thief Movie

I saw The Book Thief over Thanksgiving weekend, and I must say, I was impressed! It's so hard to turn an amazing book into a movie and do it justice. And I think I'm more critical if I've recently read the book. And you guys know I'm a recent convert to The Book Thief book. Which I really loved. And cried lots of big, ugly tears at the end.

But I really enjoyed the movie! The only things I was worried about were if the actors could really embody the characters, and if they'd do something wonky to the story.

But the actors were great! At first I thought the kid playing Rudy would look too young, but he was perfect. And the bad guy from Pirates as Hans was amazing! Also, the guy playing Max. Really. They were all spot on.

And for the most part the movie is very faithful to the book. There were little changes here and there (and one in particular that I could have done without near the end), but so many of my favorite scenes made it into the movie. The snowball fight, Rosa coming to Liesel's school, Liesel beating up that one kid. Even Death plays his part (and totally info dumps, just like he does in the book!)

Overall I don't think it was as emotional as the book. And I was totally ok with that because I hate to cry in public more than many other things. But I didn't cry at all in the movie! So, win all around.

Have you seen it? What'd you think?


  1. I thought it was okay, but I was tad disappointed. I really wanted the movie to be more powerful.

  2. I'm glad the changes helped you not cry. I still cried just because. But, I cry when watching commercials sometimes, lol.

  3. I need to read this book!! I can't believe I haven't yet.

  4. I loved the adaption of this too! I wasn’t a big fan of how they did Death, but I agree - the casting and acting was amazing.