Friday, October 11, 2013

Read This: Fangirl

by Rainbow Rowell

The Short Story
Cath and her twin sister Wren have been through everything together: their mom leaving, their dad's mental health struggles, and now their upcoming college experience. But Wren is ready to move on. And to Cath that means being left behind. No Wren for a roommate, or a Simon Snow fanatic, or a co-writer on their very popular fanfiction. All Cath's got are a surly roommate, her overly nice (maybe?) boyfriend, and a big online community with a lot of expectations for her. Somehow she's got to try and make that be enough.
My favorite read of 2013!

Come for the....
everything! I really enjoyed this book, a whole lot. Cath, and her starting-out-college experience, were so easy for me to relate to. On the outside I was a total Wren (minus the drinking) - let's be social! And have new experiences! But on the inside I was completely Cath - anxious and unsure and afraid that I was completely weird and it was easier to be distant. I loved that the book was set in college but wasn't all about boozing or the sexy times. It was so similar to my own experience, living in a very crowded dorm, with the roommate with the ubiquitous boy friend(s), and wondering if I was good enough for some of my classes.

Freshman Kathy is in the orange. Why were we even dressed like this? I don't know. It was 13 years ago.
There's just so much good in Fangirl . Cath has an interesting family dynamic, and a very interesting fanfiction hobby/habbit/lifestyle, and some school drama, and one of the most adorable romances I've read in a while. Oh, Levi. He was so perfect for Cath and I wanted the whole book to be them, being together and cute, all the time. Basically I loved nearly everything. If you're apprehensive of Rainbow Rowell after Eleanor & Park, rest assured that Fangirl is much happier and more hopeful.

 Don't Think About This Too Hard
  • My only small complaint was that the pacing felt a little wonky in parts. Too slow in some areas and too fast in others. I also could haven done without the longer excerpts of Cath's fanfiction.

The Big Three:
Language: regular profanity, including the f-word
Sex and Stuff: making out, people discussing sex
Violence: not an issue


  1. I just read this one as well. I completely agree that it felt more realistic with my experiences of college than some of the other books out there. I was also a healthy mix of both Wren and Cath at times.

    1. I loved your review, Lisa. It's such a realistic, fun book!

  2. EVERYONE loves this book! I'm on the library waiting list, but I feel like it's taking forEVER. (And p.s. I love that photo!)

    1. Thanks. Jump on the bandwagon with us, Karen! (at least, when it comes in at the library) :)

  3. LOL fun pic! I want to pick this one up, but the f-word part bothers me. Is it a lot or just a handful of times? The romance sounds so cute. And her life sounds so much fun. Fun review!

    1. Hmm, maybe 10-ish times in a 400+ page book? It wasn't in there all the time, but there were spots where multiple people would say it.
      Otherwise it's a pretty cute read.

  4. Great review and what an adorable picture. :)