Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Answers for the Last Book Thief Discussion Post

My question post is just too big to add answers to, so yay! New post!

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1. How did you feel when Max had to leave the Hubermanns? What did you expect would happen to him?
I was so sad! It almost made me mad at Hans for giving bread to that other man because I didn't want him to put Max in danger. I totally expected Max to get caught and end up being killed. And I kind of blamed Hans. (not anymore, just at the time)

2. Why do you think Liesel ran out to Max when they finally did cross paths, even after she had seen what happened to Hans earlier in the book?

Probably for a lot of reasons, but I thought she wanted to let him know she'd gotten the book he hid for her. And that she wanted to encourage him and let him know she was still the Word Shaker, no matter what happened. Ugh, that part made me cry.

3. What did you think of Death spoiling the ending a couple chapters before it actually happened? Did the warning make it easier to handle?
I was so mad! (no one is surprised) I actually put the book down and wondered if I should even bother finishing it. But, of course, I picked it back up. And it did make it a little easier. I was such a crying mess reading that part that I almost wasn't paying as much attention while I read about the bombs. So knowing what happened beforehand kept me from missing what actually happened. (if that makes any sense)

4. Which death impacted you the most?
Rudy's. I think it was the idea of completely lost opportunity that was so hard for me.

 5. How did your view of Ilsa Herman change over the course of the book?
I didn't know what to make of her in the beginning, but I really came to appreciate her. I love that she left cookies for Liesel, and that even after Liesel destroyed her book, she still brought her that little notebook. I think she really cared about Liesel, much more than Liesel realized at the time.

6. The power of words is such a big theme throughout the book. Which instances of powerful words stuck out to you? Or, which quotes from the book stuck out to you?
I tried to post a lot of quotes on twitter, so I won't repeat them here. But, the whole Word Shaker story, and the part where Liesel destroyed that book in the library really got to me.

7. In this post Markus Zusak says:
In many ways I felt that the book is about Liesel’s different kind of loves - for Hans, for Rosa, for Rudy and Max, and for books and living in general.

Which of those loves resonated with you most?

I think her love for Hans, because it's what started everything else. If it weren't for him, she wouldn't have really loved words, or Rosa, and she would have never even known Max. I think her relationship with Rudy was even a mini version of Hans and Rosa's relationship. So, yeah, Hans.

8. Thoughts on Liesel and Death finally meeting?
It was so much sweeter, and less sad, than I expected. That was the part where I realized that I had actually started to like Death. I loved how he answered Liesel's question about understanding her book.

9. If this was your first time reading The Book Thief, is it what you expected?
If it was a reread, what did you notice this time around?

No, not at all. It was more intensely sad (in certain parts) than I expected, but lighter and more heartwarming than I thought. Basically, I was expecting non-stop sad. And I was really happy that was completely wrong.

10. Will you see the movie?
Yep. I watched the trailer (again) as soon as I finished the book, and I am so excited!

Thanks again for reading along with us, everyone! I don't think I would have read this on my own.

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  1. Except for appreciating the warning from Death, I said the same thing for almost every question! I was mad at Hans too and I agree that Liesel wanted to encourage Max. It was a heartbreaking scene, but I'm glad she did it. I think Max needed the encouragement to make it through.

  2. I'm so glad you liked it! This read along was really fun, and I'm glad it helped you to finally read the book! I'm excited to go see the movie with everyone!!

  3. Ooh, good idea! I'm going to go watch the trailer again now, too.

    I totally cried on that part with Max and Liesel also. Okay, if I'm being honest, I cried through a lot of this book.