Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Books for Wimps

I love how festive Fall, and October, and Halloween can be. Pumpkins and candy and leaves and all that. I love it all. Except for that whole being scared business.

So this October I've tried to find books that feel Halloween-y, but aren't super scary. Here's what I've got.

Pumpkin Patch (not scary at all)
Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson
It's got moors! And a big, old creepy house with creepy-house noises and a secret passageway.
(But mostly it's a romance)

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Narrated by Death himself! Spooky!
(It's actually a WWII book; not really a romance)

Corn Maze (a little eery late at night)
Felicite Found by Julia King
A mysterious girl jumps from a bridge and loses her memory. And then is haunted by disturbing dreams.
(Also a romance)

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by
A modern Gothic story with ghosts and graveyards and people who are not what they seem.
(Another romance)

The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting
A girl has a unique way of sensing the dead, and trying to find out who killed them.
(Did you guess romance? You are correct!)

Haunted House (these actually scared me)
The Diviners by Libba Bray
A gigantic book about an occult murderer set in the Roaring '20s.
(I haven't finished it yet. Maybe there is romance?)

Ashes by Ilsa Bick
I didn't finish this, because scary zombies! But Rusty liked it.
(And he informs me there's a love triangle!)

Neighbor's Halloween Party (ymmv)
Stiff by Mary Roach
Non-fiction about all the ways cadavers donated to science are used.
(Sadly, no romance. But, you can read all about how the body decomposes)

What have I missed? What are some of your favorite (not-so-scary) Halloween books?


  1. I love Fall, but am actually not a huge Halloween fan. Horror books are hit and miss for me (I love ASHES), so I appreciate this list of sorta spooky books. I've only read a couple of them -- will be putting most of the rest on my TBR list (if they're not already there). Happy Fall!

    1. You are brave if you got through Ashes! :) None of the other books were quite that scary for me.
      Happy Fall to you too.

  2. I love this list. I'm a total scaredy cat. Except for Ashes. That one seems to scary.

    1. It really is! But I'm the biggest wimp ever when it comes to scary things. Hopefully some of these other ones would work for you. :)

  3. HAH! I love this post :) The names you came up with for the levels are so cute. I'm totally a wimp so I will be taking note of all of these. Have you read Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea? I've heard mixed things, but it sounds cool and like a fun Halloween read. Awww there's no romance in Stiff? LOL

    1. Thanks! Between the Devil.... ended up being a DNF for me. I had a hard time with the characters. But it seems like the kind of book people either love or... uh, don't.

  4. I love this list too! I'm not a scary stories kind of person, so these sound like great October-appropriate reads :)

    1. Thanks! Some probably fit a little better than others, but they all have a sort of fall/spooky feel. :)

  5. I have read another book by Mary Roach and I found it fascinating. I'm not much of a scary book person so I think I'll stick to watching Practical Magic or Hocus Pocus this Halloween season.

    1. Those are great movies! I remember being scared of Hocus Pocus as a kid (that is embarrassing!) but I think I could handle it as an adult now. :)
      I'm curious about Mary Roach's other books now. I'll have to look into them.