Friday, September 20, 2013

The Book Thief Discussion Post! Parts 4-6

Kami is hosting our second discussion post on The Book Thief. Come link up on her blog.

You guys, I have a confession. I may have finished The Book Thief already. I couldn't help it.
Anyone else read ahead?

Some thoughts on Parts 4-6.
1.  What emotions have you felt while reading? Are they strong emotions?
Yes! I think the strongest was when Death spoiled a certain person's upcoming death. I was so mad!!! Especially because that was the only character I really wondered about. 

2.    Several characters mention similarities between Max and Liesel. What similarities have you noticed, and why do you think the author made these characters relate to each other?
In a lot of ways Max and Liesel have nothing when they show up at the Huberman's. They have a dangerous background, and they both are afraid they're putting Hans and Rosa out by living with them. But I liked that they had so many similarities because I think that made it easier for them to be friends. It was very sweet to see them bond over nightmares and late nights and words. Liesel has friends already but it was nice to see someone who understood her.

3.    What do you think of The Standover Man aka the book Max wrote for Liesel.
I loved the pictures! It's interesting to see the story told from a different perspective, and in a different format. 

4.    How do you feel about knowing who is going to die in the end and what are some of your predictions?
I am still mad. (not really. But I was)
As for predictions,Twitter says:

5.    What do you think of Rudy's rebellious attitude? 
I love Rudy. It was so nice to see more of his personality. And here's where it's bad that I've already finished because I don't want to say too much. But love, love, love Rudy.

6.    Is Rosa growing on you?
Yeah, especially with the way she handles Max coming to live with them. She's much nicer (outwardly) to him than Liesel. And I loved how she treated Liesel after the mayor's wife fired her. 

7.    What do you think of the relationship between Max and Liesel?
I like it. It's very tender, and kind of brother/sister-y. I was surprised that people shipped them.

8.    Why do you think Liesel is so determined to steal from the Mayor's library?
In a way, to get back at her for firing Rosa. But also because I think she'd miss having access to so many books.

9.    What really stands out to you in the story and why?
Max fighting with Hitler was so bizarre but interesting. I loved the snowman in the basement, and Hans hitting Rosa with the snowball! It's all so unexpected, but at the same time makes sense in the story.

10.    If you were in Hans' position, would you have helped/hid Max?
Of course I'd like to say yes. But honestly I don't know. If I'd made a promise I'd like to think I would have kept it. But I wouldn't have gone looking for that kind of experience.
Is that terrible?

So, what did you think of this part of the book? Where are you at in the reading?


  1. Oh man! I almost died laughing when Hans threw a snowball at Rosa! HA HA HA!! He is a very brave man! Fun answers! I love your tweet about Rosa swearing at the bombs!

  2. You're right, I'm not sure what to think about Death spoiling the fatal outcomes of certain characters either! And I love the snowball scene too! Go, Hans! Great thoughts, Kathy :)

  3. I liked your tweet about Rosa swearing at the bombs. It's been a while since I first read the book but I find myself still wondering how it will all turn out. I do like that there are a few lighter moments thrown in like the snowball scene.
    There are some sad books that feel manipulative, like someone is playing with your emotions but in this book I feel all the tears are earned.
    Btw, I was totally like you are read ahead...Too good! You can check out my blog to see my answers

  4. Rosa's really growing on me too :) I also was struck by the scenes you mention, especially the fight. I thought it gave some interesting insight into Max's feelings, which seem to include feeling as though all of the german people are against him.

  5. You've already finished it, huh? Did your predictions come true? I know you really can't answer that without spoiling, but I'm curious. I really hope everyone doesn't die. :/

  6. Great thoughts here, Kathy! I also loved the snowman scene and when Hans threw a snowball at Rosa. Such a fun, unexpected moment!