Monday, September 9, 2013

Read This: Pivot Point

Pivot Point
by Kasie West

The Short Story
When Addie's parents separate and her dad wants to move out of their "gifted" compound, Addie has to use her ability to look into the future to decide who to stay with. She can see the outcome for both choices, and there's a lot of good (and cute boy) in both. But an unsolved murder case has unexpected consequences in both lives. Suddenly her choice is more complicated than she expected.
Maybe not the best writing, but a wild, exciting book.

Come for the....
different. I had never read a book like this before and I loved the idea of being able to see both results of the choice Addie had to make. It was interesting to see how life in her paranormal/superpower compound played out vs. the normal world. It made me want to have superpowers, basically. There was definitely an amount of disbelief-suspension required, but I had a blast reading this. 

There's a bit of a slower start (basically the story gets "set up" 3 different times) but it's hard to put down once it gets going. I thought the author did a nice job of tying in elements from both lives. It was such an interesting idea that all of the main characters, and many of the main events, were important in both lives. And it created a ridiculous amount of tension. As I reader I loved knowing more than the characters in certain situations, and switching back and forth between the two possibilities just added to the intensity. I appreciated the complexity of Addie's life no matter what she chose. Overall, the ideas in this one were great.

 Don't Think About This Too Hard

  • My biggest complaint was the quality of the writing. It's not as tight or nuanced as the writing you'd get from a more experienced author. A few things felt too obvious, many plot points were too predictable, etc. It's probably a 3 star quality wise, but I still enjoyed it at least 4 stars.

The Big Three:
Language: I can't remember exactly, but I think it was fairly mild
Sex and Stuff: not an issue
Violence: a murder mystery, some sports-related violence, use of weapons


  1. I need to read this one. Great review!

    1. Thanks. I thought it was very interesting. I've seen people with ARCs of the sequel & I'm all jealous. Maybe it'll be better to wait until the sequel's out too. :)

  2. I mostly feel like I would've liked this book better in the hands of a more experienced author. Like you said, the writing wasn't especially tight, and there were a few too many plot points that were underdeveloped for me. I thought the last fourth or so was really well done, though.

    1. Yeah I definitely enjoyed the ending the most. I think she's the kind of author who will write really great books once she's gotten a bit more experience.

  3. This sounds like a really interesting premise! I like the idea that things you learn in one version of reality could raise the tension level in another version. It's too bad it wasn't executed a littler better, but it's great that it didn't make you enjoy the book much less :)

    1. It really didn't make me enjoy it less, but I know some people were bothered by it. I just liked the characters and the set up, so it was easy to forgive the writing. :)

  4. Sounds like a great story! Putting it on my TBR :)

  5. I loved how different this one was too. And tying together the two different choices like she did was so intense and fun to read. Great review!