Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The 4 Year Old Reviews: Cow Can't Sleep

Tomorrow I'll be spotlighting Utah children's author Ken Baker. I read a couple of his books to my little reviewers, and this is what my oldest had to say about Cow Can't Sleep.

"writing" his review

What were your favorite parts?
All the sneezing. And making all the animal sounds.

Which was your favorite animal?
The snoring ones. And moo, moo, moo, moo. Do you know what animal that is?

Which was your favorite bed?
The mud bed! Then it would stink and I'd plug my nose like this. (plugs nose)
Or, if I was the farmer husband, I'd like to sleep in my own bed. Where it's nice and warm and fuzzy.

Did you like the book?

There you have it, folks. Fun for the parents, fun for the kids.


  1. Your boys are so big! They're adorable!

    1. Thanks! I would love to see how big your little boy is now, too. It's crazy how fast time goes. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, your baby has gotten so big! I mean, he's not even a baby anymore!

    1. I know! It's crazy. He's 15 months already and running all over the place. :)