Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I was impressed by this guest post for Utah Book Month, which was written by a food blogger. I like me some food. And it's Utah Book Month. Which has nothing to do with food, but why not try to combine the two?

So, my dear blog readers, I bring you Food-tah. (Food + Utah = Food-tah. Just groan to yourself and continue reading) Here are all the tasty things you should eat, should you find yourself in the Beehive State.

J Dawgs
This started out as a college kid's "what if" idea, and has turned into one of the most popular hotdog places in Utah County.

Cafe Rio/Costa Vida/Bajio
"Mexican" food that you can find in other states, but that people commonly eat around here. It is ridiculously tasty.

Frozen Custard
Again, not unique to Utah. But Coney's in Orem, and Nielsen's Frozen Custard in Bountiful are amazing.


BYU food
The chocolate milk. And the mint brownies. There is nothing like them.

So, local friends, what else am I missing? And don't say fry sauce. We've been over this. :)


  1. BYU food! Yes, yes, yes. I used to work at the Creamery (back when there was only one) and the brownies, ice cream and cheese curd were my favorites. Yum.

    1. I totally forgot about the cheese. BYU knows its dairy. :)

  2. I love that Utah's ice cream places are open all year round. In other states, ice cream is a summer treat, but here we like it even when it snows!

    I also love all the snow cone shacks everywhere in summer!

    1. Snow cones! There's actually one right by my house, and it is always busy.