Thursday, August 8, 2013

Book Blogger Spotlight: Jen from My Life With Books

One of my favorite things about Utah Book Month is getting to know some of the amazing local book bloggers! Today I get to interview Jen from My Life With Books. She's pretty awesome, as you can read for yourself:

My Life With Books Button by Parajunkee

Why did you decide to start a book blog?

It mostly started as a way to journal everything I had read and what I thought about each book. It also helped me keep track of which books I liked most so I could refer them to my friends. 

What's the hardest part about blogging? The best?

Well recently, the hardest thing about blogging is finding time. I started My Life With Books three years ago. My kids are now five and six years old,  so its becoming increasingly more difficult to find the time to blog. 

The best thing about blogging is a tie. I love, love, love meeting new people and learning about them, their favorite books and the bookish adventures they go on. I also really have enjoyed having something all mine. My life as a housewife/mom is one of constant service for others - My Life With Books has become a creative outlet for those hectic days that I don't have to share with with anyone else. Sounds really selfish now that I say it out loud, but I am sure there are MANY people who can understand what I am saying. :) 

Also, meeting authors is fantastic!

What do you like about being a Utah blogger?

 There are a lot of us. You can go to any event and spot someone from the book blogger community. 


You have a good mix of adult/young adult books that you feature. Do you have a favorite genre? Have you always read a variety of books?

I have always loved reading. It started when I was a small child and my mother read me to sleep every night. My fondest moments of elementary school was when the teachers read to us The Indian in the Cupboard and Super Fudge. 

My  passion for reading grew as I discovered The Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High. 

Once I was able to tackle larger literature in high school I discovered that I loved the stories on a deeper level. I remember reading To Kill A Mockingbird and being able to talk about it for an entire class period - satisfying my English teacher and irritating my cohorts.  Les Miserables made me cry. In class

What a wonderful thing the written word is! It has the ability to inspire, comfort, educate and transport us to different worlds and places. 

So the answer is yes, I have always read a variety of books. :) 

I think my favorite genre is either YA or Paranormal / urban fantasy (Or a combo of both). I don't like to read about real life monsters, just watch the news and you get your fill. Give me some good old fashioned vampires, ghost or witches and I am happy. 


Is there a book or series you like that you wish more people knew about?

Yes and no. I think there is a perfect book for everyone. What I enjoy most about reading and book recommending is helping someone discover a book that they have never heard of and knowing they will like it. (As well as hearing their book recommendations.)

What book character do you think is most like you? 

This is a difficult question. I think I am a combination of characters. I identify with Mercy Thompson well, she is fiercely loyal, sincere, takes care of herself, is a private person and takes crap from no one. 

Katniss Everdeen was also a character I felt connected too. My father was a coal miner and would rather be outside in nature than in a crowd. She is also very nurturing (Although she would probably deny it) and can use weapons. I like weapons. :) 

If you could have any author write a story based on your life, who would you choose?

Oooo, I would choose Rick Riordan or Brandon Mull to do it. They could embellish it with fantasy and magic - make me more interesting than I really am! ;)

I love that her blog is a creative outlet. I can definitely relate to that! And both those authors would write an amazing life story. :)

You can find Jen online:
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  1. Fun interview. I also love what she said about blogging being a creative outlet for us always-going-always-giving moms. I always say that my reading/blogging is the only thing in my life that I do just for me, just because I love it so much!

  2. Thanks for the interview, Kathy! It's lovely to get to know Jen better. I love the last question, I'm going to have to ponder who I would want to write my life story. :)

  3. I too love that last question!! I was thinking about it.. and I think probably Stephen King for me!

  4. Love these questions! AND answers too of course! :)

  5. The Indian in the Cupboard! The Babysitter's Club! Sweet Valley High! Omg you read all the same stuff I did as a kid. :)

    And it is not selfish at all to have something that is all your own. I really relate to that as a mom, too :)

    I like what you said about real life monsters - even a few minutes on the news gives me my fill, too.

    Jen, you are lovely. I loved getting to know you more through this interview!