Monday, July 22, 2013

Read This: Abandon

Abandon (Possession #3)
by Elana Johnson

The Short Story
Vi, Jag, Zenn, and friends are back in the final installment to save their friends, stop a scarily-advanced army, and take down the Thinkers. At least, that's what everyone claims they want to do.
A very interesting end to an enjoyable, plot driven series.

Come for the....
end of the series! One thing I've loved about all three books is Johnson's willingness to do anything to/with her characters. So often there's no real sense of suspense in a book because you know the author won't really kill that person off/give a victory to the bad guy/go (wherever) with the story. But not Elana Johnson. None of her characters are safe and I absolutely love that.

Abandon was pretty intense from start to finish. Nearly everyone from the previous two books is with the Resistance. At least, on the surface. There's lots of cool tech, and hoverboarding, and maybe a little much angst. I loved that half the chapters were from Zenn's point of view, because I thought he was one of the most interesting characters in the series. I loved being in his head. And I think Elana's writing got better and better as the series went on. The suspenseful plot, interesting gadgets, and nice twists and turns make this a series I can easily recommend.

Don't Think About This Too Hard

  • It was hard to believe the characters were supposed to be 16/17. (Who would follow a 16 year old rebel?) 
  • I would have liked a little more character growth, especially earlier in the book.

The Big Three:
Language: some mild swearing throughout
Sex and Stuff: not an issue
Violence: people being injured and killed, some described, but not gory


  1. I read the first one in this series, and I should finish. I was just tired of Dystopian books when I read this, so I needed a break. I'll have to pick this up again.

    1. Yeah, I definitely got tired of dystopian, too. I think the second book in this series was my favorite. But they're all really good. :)

  2. I still haven't even read the second one yet. I do love that none of her characters are safe.

    1. There's far less "babe" in the second and third books. :)