Thursday, March 21, 2013


Sever (Wither #3)
by Lauren DeStefano
This could have been an interesting idea, and DeStefano really has such a beautiful writing style. But the book just didn't work for me. The pacing felt off. The beginning dragged and at nearly 200 pages I still wasn't sure where the story was going. There was a lot of time devoted to a new character and other things that never became important. And then other characters, like Rowan and Gabriel, were hardly developed. There are some tie ins from the second book, but on the whole most of the resolution felt too convenient and unrealistic. Definitely some twists, and one that I really didn't see coming. But if you want to read a dystopian series, I'd pass on this one.

Free to be Gluten Free
by Heather Spergel
This was cute. I was originally trying to find a book to help explain gluten-intolerance to my son. I can't have gluten anymore and I hoped this would give me some ideas. It didn't really, but it was a cute story. I was kind of put off by gluten being represented as a monster, since it's found in lots of healthy foods. I wish it would have made it clearer that gluten isn't bad for everyone.
But I liked the recipes and the author's note at the end.

**I received a free review copy via NetGalley, just so you know.** 

Mind Games
by Kiersten White
Wow, this book is *very* different from the Paranormalcy series. But I enjoyed it a lot. It is definitely intense and dark, but I like what's been set up and where I think the series will go. I liked that the story wasn't linear so that I could slowly piece things together. At first I felt confused, though. There weren't that many characters but I had a hard time remembering who was who. But I loved the different abilities that everyone had, and how they played into the plot. Parts of the book are quite violent, so even though it's a short book, it took me a little over a week to get through. I liked that there were two narrators, though, to give the reader a bit of a break on some of the heavier things.


  1. I absolutely adore Kiersten White! Her books are hilarious and very intriguing. And I would like to see a different take on something she would write. And as for Sever, I haven't read Fever yet, but a lot of sequels have been letting me down.

  2. I could never finish the Chemical Garden books because the first one just didn't make sense. I see from your review and others that the rest of the series doesn't either. I'm excited to read Mind Games!

  3. I think Sever has my least favorite cover of the series.

    I'm excited to read Mind Games. I was kinda waiting to see what you thought of it, and so now I think I'll put it on my library request list :)

  4. I'm going to read Mind Games in the near future, so I'm glad you liked it! I read the first book in the Chemical Garden series, and it was good, but I don't have a desire to finish the series. I haven't heard good things.