Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Read This: Under the Never Sky

Under the Never Sky
by Veronica Rossi

The Short Story
When Aria is banished from her safe home in the pods, she has to try to make it in "The Death Shop." It's full of savages, aether storms, and other things that could kill her. Along the way she meets up with Perry, a "savage" who has his own reasons for being interested in Aria. The two work together to stay alive and find the people they're looking for. Adventures and kissing ensue.
A slow start to a really excellent book.

Come for the....
truth in advertising. The book really is as good as everyone says it is. I was afraid my expectations were way too high - I'd seen lots of five star reviews. I had to be patient with the beginning, but the rest of the book really is that good! I especially enjoyed the characters. Perry is kind and caring, and tries to put what's best for everyone ahead of what he wants for himself. Aria is smart and also caring, but flawed. I enjoyed how she and Perry interacted together. There was maybe a bit more banter than I would have expected at first, considering Aria thought Perry was a killer savage, but their alliance/friendship/romance grows gradually and makes sense. And it's a lot of fun.

The world building is really good, too. I liked reading about the other "savage" tribes, especially the freaky cannibals. Perry's tech-savvy friend was bizarre and overly helpful, but also really interesting to read about. The characters seem to come from the Hunger Games school of names (Roar, Talon, etc), which was odd but get over-able. And there were just enough twists and turns at the end of the book to make me want to read the sequel right away.

Don't Think About This Too Hard
  • The slow beginning nearly sent this book into DNF territory more than once for me. I'm happy I stuck with it because I ended up really liking it. But it honestly took me about 100 pages to really get into the story.

The Big Three:
Language: I don't remember this being an issue
Sex and Stuff: nothing described
Violence: fighting, people being killed, cannibals (but no one gets eaten), a fire


  1. Oooo it lives up :) Nice! Alas, I'm so bad with books with slow beginnings. Great review as usual :)

    1. Thanks. I really am, too. Usually I skip books if a review says it's slow. Maybe it's good I hadn't seen that about this one. :)

  2. I love when books meet your expectations. I need to read this one and when I do I'll try to remember that it starts slow so I don't go crazy. ;)

    1. Maybe it was just me? But I honestly thought it took forever for the characters to get together. The stuff at the beginning ends up being important later, though.

  3. I've seen so many great reviews for this one and also so many terrible reviews. I might get the amazon sample and see how I go. Glad you enjoyed it even after the slow start.

    1. Really? I hadn't seen any terrible ones. Now I'm curious what they didn't like....

  4. Really late commenting on this! BUT, I just read this book too and loved it. I was sucked in instantly and didn't think it was slow to start at all. I loved the characters and thought the romance was perfect. Hopefully I'll get a chance to review it soon!