Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Read This: The Reluctant Bachelorette

The Reluctant Bachelorette
by Rachael Anderson

The Short Story
When Taycee's town is on the brink of bankruptcy, her best friend devises a plan to bring in some money. They'll host a reality bachelorette show, where people across the country can pay to vote for their favorite bachelors to stay in the competition. And though Taycee didn't know it, she is going to be the star. Her unlikely situation gets worse when Luke, the love of her tween life, returns to their small town and gets drafted for the show himself.
A cute, clean romance.

Come for the....
cute. Luke and Taycee have great chemistry. There are swoony moments, and funny moments, and angry moments, and everything in between. I liked watching Luke change from being the older brother's best friend, to a reluctant game show participant, to someone who really cared for Taycee. And Taycee was funny, and had a good heart. I thought it was sweet (and maybe slightly naive) that she would worry so much about the other bachelors having real feelings for her, and that it'd be her fault if the whole town went under. But she was a genuinely good character and a fun narrator.

And then there were the other bachelors. They're introduced so quickly that it gave me that same sense of "how am I going to keep all these people straight?" that Taycee had. Quite a few of the ones I got to read about more in-depth were pretty funny. And I liked that some of the stinkers stuck around for a loooong time. Because you know some people are trolls and would invent a sort of "vote for the worst" for the town's little reality show.

Don't Think About This Too Hard
  • The pacing slowed down a bit about two-thirds of the way through the book, especially as Taycee seemed to learn some things and then forget them after 20 or so pages. But it picks up again as the book goes on.
  • There were a few times where the writing distracted somewhat from the story; characters occasionally using words that seemed too formal, chapters from another character's perspective here and there.

The Big Three:
Language: not an issue
Sex and Stuff: not an issue
Violence: not an issue

Just So You Know: I received a free copy of The Reluctant Bachelorette as part of the blog tour hosted by I Am a Reader, Not a Writer in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Oooh, I've been waiting for your review of this one, because the summary sounds so cute! I'm glad it seems to live up to the cuteness promised. I may need to read this one when I'm in the mood for some brain candy.

    1. It is definitely brain candy. I think I finished it in two days. It's just really cute and hard to put down. :)

  2. Thanks so much for the review and for participating in the blog tour!

    1. Thanks! Reluctant Bachelorette was such a fun read I want to check out the rest of your books. :)