Thursday, October 18, 2012

On My Mind Lately

Just so you know, most of these don't have much to do with books. You've been warned.

First up, Code Name Verity.
Have you read this? I don't know what to make of it. I got really caught up in the story and wanted to know how it would all turn out. But it was really hard to read. Not difficult language or anything, just difficult content. The main character is captured by the Nazis and gets interrogated/tortured. I thought there would just be a torture part that I could skip over, but it's actually interspersed throughout the whole book.
I hate reading stuff like that. So I read it, and I was definitely invested in the story. But I don't know how much I liked it, or if I would recommend it.

Next, October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. And Infant and Pregnancy Loss Remembrance month. They're not at all related, but the bullying thing is on my mind after this tumblr post by Cassandra Clare (of The Mortal Instruments books fame). How terrible! I don't really have much life experience with bullying, but I feel for anyone who did/does.
I have a little more life experience with the whole pregnancy loss business. I wish there wasn't so much shame around miscarriages/stillbirths, and that people felt like they could be open about their experience without being afraid they would make other people uncomfortable.

So, Kathy's guide to what to say to someone who's had a miscarriage/stillbirth:
"I'm (really/very) sorry." Or, "I'm thinking about you."
That's it. All the other nice or comforting or inquisitive things people had to say to me didn't help much.
I don't have a similar guide for what to say to someone who's being bullied. Sorry.

Last thing, family history.
Is anyone else into family history or genealogy stuff? I love it, but sometimes I think I have some of the most complicated ancestors to find. Lately I've called Vermont, made friends with an intern at the Illinois Regional Archives Depository, and will be emailing a pickle company in Michigan. All to try to find out more about my great, great, great grandfather.
And no, I'm really not kidding about the pickle company. Anybody ever heard of the Freestone Pickle Company in Michigan? I'm distantly related to them.

That's what been on my mind. What's been on yours lately?


  1. Great advice. Thank you. :)

    It's hard to know what to say when you haven't been through it.

    1. I felt the same way. And then when I went through it I was surprised how much I appreciated the really simple things people said. It meant a lot.

  2. I deliberately skipped what you had to say about Code Name Verity because I haven't finished it yet and don't want to bias myself! I have some hardcore reading to do before tomorrow, that's for sure. I'm excited to discuss it with you guys, though!

    1. It was really interesting to talk about it with you guys. I'm happy I wasn't the only one who had a slow read in the beginning. :)

  3. I've been meaning to tell you how much I admire your activeness in genealogy. Just the thought of it makes me cringe!

    1. Aww, thanks. I really like researching people, and it's easier with my family because no one's done anything. So I get to talk to my grandma and hear what she remembers about people.

  4. The aspect I love about genealogy is writing life histories. I'm finding a renewed interest in this recently, and perhaps you'll see that on my blog one of these days.

    I agree about reading torture scenes. Awful. But I think Code Name Verity is a fabulous story, even if it's difficult.

    1. I love the stories! I think it's so interesting to hear what people's lives were like a long time ago.
      And I agree that it's a very interesting story. I love that you think you understand what you're reading, but aren't really.