Thursday, September 13, 2012

How Cute!

Before I was a book blogger I was one of those "look at my (boring) life adventures!" bloggers. Mostly it was just pictures of my husband and me, and I'd post if I had something interesting to share. Or it was Christmas. Observe:

Yes, that is a monkey on top of the tree!

Then we had kids. And I felt more pressure to post frequently (not that I actually do it). They grow up fast, and all that. So when I couldn't come up with post ideas, I'd just throw up pictures of kids. Doing kid things. Like this:

My contortionist oldest, when he was about 5 months. Aww.

Sometimes I wish I could do that with book blogging. When I have nothing to say, just throw up some pictures of books. Doing book things. Thusly:

See how nicely my library books have learned to line up? With the big love books protecting the little love book? Makes me so happy to see them getting along.

Endlessly and Under the Never Sky, having a little race. Endlessly totally got off to a fast start, but I'm afraid UtNS is a little, uh, slow.

Hopefully I'll find my book blogging voice again soon. In the mean time, what are your books up to lately?


  1. LOL. I love this idea! I totally shows how you feel about the books. I may have to steal it, lol.

  2. ha ha! I'm about to read Endlessly! I'm glad it is off to a fast start!

  3. I am still (occasionally) one of those "look at my (boring) life adventures" bloggers - I just only post about once a month on that other blog...and regularly forget about it in my desire to post about BOOKS!!!

  4. Aw... what cute books! :) My books just sit there on my shelves! I guess I better get teaching them things...

  5. LOL! I love the race, pun and all! Go ahead and keep the "boring" picture posts coming. ;)

  6. Bahaha! Kathy! I love this. Seriously. It made me laugh at 7 a.m.--which is virtually impossible :)