Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Confessions!

Today's Top 10 Tuesday is bookish confessions! Head over to The Broke and The Bookish to play along.

1. I basically never buy books. The last book I bought was for my Sara Zarr giveaway, but before that, the last one was Mockingjay. On the day it came out.

2. I have access to an amazing public library that has nearly every YA book I've ever wanted to read. I am very lucky.

3. I prefer a print book over an ebook. I don't have an ereader, so when I get ebooks I'm stuck reading them on my computer. Not super convenient.

4. I don't go out of my way to get ARC's. When I posted more regularly I used to request books from NetGalley. But I wasn't super good about reading them. (see #3)

5. I will use any random scrap of paper as a bookmark before I'll dogear a page. That's like blasphemy to me. I once let a friend borrow a book and she dogeared every 5-10 pages of the thing. I was shocked!

6. Sometimes I think I'd like to write a book, but then I can't even keep up a journal.

7. One time I thought I was reading an online preview of a book... you know, the first 100 or so pages that authors/publishers occasionally post online. It was actually the whole book. Probably illegally on the interwebs. I still feel bad about that one.

8. I'm kind of horribly judgmental of the characters I read about. After I finished a certain book, my review consisted of "this book is full of horrible people doing horrible things." I decided it'd be better not to review it...

9. In general, I like to read about people and situations that I can relate to. I know reading is good for expanding your understanding, but most of my favorite books are about people I think are like me.

10. Sometimes I don't pay attention to physical (or racial) descriptions in books. And then I just make them up. I was positive St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss was black. Like, absolutely positive. Apparently he's not? Also, Mags from Catching Fire is actually the grandma from Disney's Mulan.
At least in my head.


  1. I want your library.
    And I'm the same way.
    I jump through loops to get something before buying it new.

  2. Hahaha Mags being the grandma from Mulan, that makes me laugh super loud.

    ALSO! I will use any random scrap of paper as well before I dog ear. And if there is no paper on hand, I will write the page number on my hand or put it in my phone.

  3. #6 made me laugh -- I feel the EXACT same way. LOL.

  4. # 10 made ME laugh! Hee hee! I can't believe your friend dogearred your book. I'd never do that to my own books, let alone a borrowed one.

  5. I prefer print books but it's because I don't feel like I'm reading a real book unless it's in print. I sometimes imagine characters wrong as well.

  6. I prefer books as well! I love holding a physical book and turning pages. LOVE IT!

    My friend dog eared one of my books too!!! I was SO mad!! You don't dog ear a book you are borrowing!!! Jerks!

  7. I have an e-reader and I still prefer my print books. Love that the library supplies your needs so well - that's what they're there for!

  8. I hope I wasn't that friend. :) I do have a bad habit of dog-earring books, it is more a sign of love to me when a book is well-worn. But when I borrow books I try to use a bookmark. And I hardly ever buy books either.

  9. I also rarely pay attention to descriptions about what characters look like. I'm trying to get better at this though.

    Tanya Patrice

  10. I love your list. #10 is great. Sometimes how I say a characters name in my head is not how they are really pronounced. I butchered all the Harry Potter character names.

    I agree with all of it except #5. I love a book that has been dogeared and even passages underlined. A book in perfect shape is not a well loved book.