Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Hunger Games Reread-Along: Chapters 22-24

The cave! It's almost over!

At what point do you think Katniss should have (or did) realize that Peeta wasn't acting about his feelings? Did Katniss' refusal to acknowledge the obvious frustrate you?
Umm, maybe when he burnt the bread for her? Or told the whole country he liked her? No, I can understand why she questioned things earlier in the Games. But by the time Peeta tells her all about their first day of school, she was out of excuses (for me). It almost felt a little ridiculous that she continued to question it. So I like to think that she was more comfortable not acknowledging it than that she was actually unaware of how he really felt.

Although they both have their (dis)advantages, who do you think made a better ally for Katniss: Rue or Peeta?
I'd have to go with Peeta. Rue was sweet and helped Katniss with her fire-starting plan (and had some food and medical know-how), but she wouldn't have helped much at the end of the Games. Peeta was bumbling and injured  (I love that Stephen King describes Katniss as "babysitting" Peeta at this point in the book). But he's certainly a lot more help against Cato than Rue would have been. And I think readers would not have been ok with little Rue being nearly suffocated instead of Peeta. But now I'm getting ahead of the reading...

Technically Peeta is responsible for Foxface's death (and possibly another person's). Why do you think most people remember him as not killing anyone in the Games?
Peeta actually kills people in all three books, but he sort of remains the story softy. I think part of that is because the reader is in Katniss' head, and that's sort of her perception of him. I'm a little sad that it sounds like they're going to toughen Peeta up a bit for the movie. (I was going to include the interview where they talked about this, but it got taken down) :(

This better (not) be in the movie. (any scenes you would especially like/dislike seeing in the film)
I hope Foxface dies exactly like she did in the book, and I hope Katniss is just as short-tempered with Peeta.

Anything else that stuck out to you in the chapters?
I wonder what Peeta's mom thought of Peeta saying the dad had wanted to marry Katniss' mom. Awkward. I also thought it was interesting (throughout the series) that Katniss would equate getting married with automatically having kids. 


  1. There are so many things that I could comment on. Since I read it last and it's freshest in my mind, I get the feeling that Peeta's parenta aren't exactly in the best relationship so I wonder if she would care at all. Totally agree that Peeta would be much more help than Rue (though I keep wishing Rue used more of her knowledge of poisons. Don't you hate it when movies take liberties on books? I suppose they have to for the viewers who haven't read the books but still!

    1. I love all your comments on these posts! :) It would have been interesting to have Rue be a little more skilled. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually make her more helpless in the movie, but I guess we'll see. (next week!) :)