Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big Plans Tonight?

Anybody planning to see the Hunger Games at midnight tonight? I was originally, and with some fabulous local bloggers, but some things came up. So now I'm going tomorrow morning. I suspect it will end the same, regardless of what time I watch.

But, movie plans aside, I've always sort of wanted to throw a Hunger Games-themed party. Not with violence (not fun) or lamb stew (I have no idea where you would buy lamb), but with stuff I already have. If you ever want to do the same, here are some ideas I came up with.

Ladies Food First:
  • cheese bread, for all you team Katniss fans
  • pita chips with hummus and goat cheese, for all you Peeta (or Prim) people
  • "wild dog," for anyone who likes Gale. Or hot dogs. Bonus points if you "shoot" it yourself. Double bonus points if you tell your party guests it's actually beef. 
Mystery meat, it's what's for dinner

  • President Snow cones. With tiger's blood flavoring
  • Cupcakes. Either people can show off their Peeta-like decorating skills and make some fancy cupcakes. Or, if your group is less into that, you could do camo cupcakes. Chocolate cake, lots of brown/green/blue frosting, maybe even hide a green army toy Peeta in one of them.
If Gale were a baker...
  • Nerf archery. Or dart gun archery. Have people try to hit an apple out a pig's mouth. (Or off a fence post if you don't have a pig handy)
  • Paint the beard on Seneca Crane, using balloon "faces" and markers. The crazier the colors the better. Or party guests and fake mustaches. If your group is super-skilled at this, you could try a blindfolded version. 

  • Tribute parade. Make up (ridiculous) industries for each guest, and then go to a thrift/dollar store and have people put together costumes. The best costume could win a camo cupcake. 
  • If you must have an aggression outlet, you could play that game where everyone ties their (Seneca Crane beard) balloon to their ankle, and then goes around trying to stomp on everyone else's balloon. Last person left with an inflated balloon wins. Maybe a camo cupcake. Don't make too many of those or you'll have to come up with ways to get rid of them.

So those were my lame ideas. What would you want to do at a Hunger Games party?


  1. That sounds like so much fun! NOT lame at all :)
    I would SO go to your HG party.

    I would totally want to make lamb stew.
    And maybe play some Wii archery.

    Mr. Whimsy and I will be going this weekend. Hopefully we will hit an early show and avoid the mega crowds.

    1. Thanks! I didn't know there was Wii archery. That would really cool. Hope you guys like the movie.

  2. The activities sounds like so much fun. I love the Tribute parade idea! It would be awesome!

    1. Thanks! My library did something similar when Mockingjay came out, so I should probably give credit for the idea to them. :)

  3. Going to have to bookmark this and remember it for a DVD release party!!

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

    1. I hadn't even thought about the DVD release! Maybe I'll actually do this for real.

  4. I'd do the lamb stew (they sell lamb at our regular grocer here), do some kind of 'mocking' contest, and do most of your ideas, which I think are pretty clever and creative!

    I get to see it Saturday - wanted to see it tonight, but the hubby is working until 1 am, and I have no one to stay with the kids that late. Plus, I have to work tomorrow morning and teaching on just a few hours sleep is horrible.

    1. I couldn't even imagine trying to work after watching a midnight movie! We'd thought about doing the midnight show, but babysitters are hard to come by that late around here, too.