Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tagged by Jenni Elyse

Jenni Elyse (her fabulous blog here) tagged me for some fun questions.

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Questions from Jenni Elyse

What is your favorite book of all time?I have the hardest time with "favorite" questions, so I'm afraid all of my answers will be slightly lame/limited to what I like right now. But I'll go with The Hunger Games series, because it converted me to reading, and when I'm in a reading slump I still enjoy reading those.

Who is your favorite author?
I honestly don't have one. But I think I would enjoy anything written by Melina Marchetta or Stephanie Perkins.

Who is your favorite literary character of all time?
I can't choose just one, so I will go with Katniss from The Hunger Games (because it's Katniss), Anna from Anna and the French Kiss (because she is normal but still awesome), and Sally Lockhart from The Ruby in the Smoke, (because she can't really kick butt, but she could do your taxes).

When did you start blogging?
March of 2011. (holy molies, a whole year next month!)

Why did you start blogging?
I stay home with my son, which is something I really wanted to do. But it's not always as intellectually stimulating as I'd like, so I thought a blog would give me an opportunity to write and think critically about something totally unrelated to motherhood. It's been nice.

Can you find the llama?
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Probably Bolivia (where I spent a semester in college) and Brazil (where my husband was a missionary for a couple of years) or to the East Coast to visit family. And Disney World or Disney Land. Or both.

If money were not an issue, what would you buy yourself at this very instant?
I'm not a big stuff person, but I would buy some new gym shoes (mine are getting old), a new windshield/whatever else for my husband's car (a deer hit him yesterday & smashed his car all up), a house, and then I'd start a scholarship fund.

Who is your favorite actor?
That's a hard one because most of the shows I watch are reality TV (don't judge!). I love The Biggest Loser lately. Can I go with Bob and Dolvet? Do they count as actors?

What is your favorite movie?
My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I could relate to her in a lot of embarrassing ways, and her family was hilarious.

Who is your favorite musician/band?
I love almost every kind of music, so I have lots and lots of favorites - The Weepies, Taylor Swift, Christina Perri (who I occasionally confuse with Katy Perry), Brad Paisley, Mumford & Sons. I could keep going, but I'll move on.

What is your favorite song?
I don't have an all-time favorite, but lately I've enjoyed Tonight, Tonight; Arms; The Cave; Only Prettier; and various Sesame Street and Veggie Tales songs.

Am I alone in my lack of favorites? Or my love of The Biggest Loser?
I'm breaking the rules, but I tag anyone who'd like to play along!  


  1. Ha ha! I love that you put various Sesame Street and Veggie Tale songs. The only Veggie Tale song I know is "Where is my Hairbrush." I love "The Cave" too.

    I've tried to get into reality TV, but I just can't. I need to be in a place other than the real world, lol.

    1. The Hairbrush song is one of my favorites. :) I think reality shows because you don't have to watch them consistently (or from the beginning) to understand what's going on.

  2. I'm kinda glad you broke the rules. ;) These things are fun but can feel very oppressive. I like your answers and it's always fun to get to know new things about people.

    1. It is fun. I liked the questions you picked out on yours. I was just not feeling creative enough to come up with some on my own. :)

  3. If she didn't annoy me so much in Mockingjay, I would say that Katniss is one of my literary crushes as well. Congrats on the almost blogoversary. Tonight, Tonight almost makes me better too.