Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Hunger Games Reread-Along: Chapters 19-21

It's Peeta, in nature!

Katniss seems to be more comfortable with violence than nudity. Do you think that's true for people/entertainment today? If it is, is that a bad thing?
I feel like I'm pretty similar. I don't like violence at all, but I won't see a movie/show/whatever with nudity. It honestly makes me uncomfortable, even in a medical sort of setting. (I remember how embarrassed I was to find out I'd only be wearing a hospital gown when I had to get my appendix out. Shudder...)
I don't know that it's a bad thing, but I think it's interesting that many parents seem more comfortable letting their kids see violent TV (or video games) but would be very unhappy if there were naked ladies or something. I don't think either one is good.

Peeta can see through many of Katniss' lies, but seems to buy that she's in love with him. Why do you think that fools him?
I can't decide if Peeta totally believes her, especially considering how quickly he puts things together at the end of the book. If he does, I assume it's because he wants to believe it. After the Games he doesn't seem to have any problem coming up with reasons why he shouldn't have believed her (like, her whole relationship with Gale). But I think that's fairly common in relationships, to see what you hope is there and ignore things that might make you question.

Did you think Katniss was going to die at the feast? (And do you ever wonder what Thresh got in his giant backpack?)
I should have known better; that there was no way Katniss was going to die, but this is one (of two or three) places when I honestly thought she might. Thresh really does come out of nowhere, and I'm still not sure how Clove knew that Katniss and Rue had teamed up. (or that the careers killed Rue, since the book makes it seem like there was only the one kid who Katniss shot around Rue when she died)
And yes about the backpacks. It's hard to imagine that anyone else was in as desperate of need as Peeta at that point in the book.

This better (not) be in the movie. (any scenes you would especially like/dislike seeing in the film)
Can Peetey please, please keep his pants on in the film? I'm all for following the book faithfully, but I don't need to see anybody in their undies. I'm also hoping not to see any sort of rotting leg in the movie. That's more than I can handle.
Also, I want to see what the other people got in their packs at the feast. Just because I'm curious.

Anything else that stuck out to you in the chapters?
I love that these first chapters are a bit of a break. I like that the book slows down and has some funny parts in it before it gets ridiculously intense at the feast. And I will always think that Katniss' goat story is sort of odd. A lot of the chapter is dedicated to that, and I don't know that it adds much.


  1. All these discussion questions are starting to make me rethink all the tiny plot holes in this book! I think the whole violence vs nudity thing is so strange in YA books. One is seen as okay (especially when the bad guys isn't human) but the other is very much still a hush hush subject unless the author is trying to be edgy.

    1. Sorry! I don't mean to point out plot holes. I think I've just read this series too many times & then I start wondering about tangents. :)
      And that's so true about violence, especially when it's against something not human. It's kind of strange what passes for ok and what gets people all riled up.