Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Hunger Games Reread-Along: Chapters 16-18

The end of Part II already!

This is the first time Katniss goes on the offense in the book. Do you think she does enough? Too much?

I think it's important to the story that Katniss is always as "innocent" as possible in her actions. So I wasn't surprised that she didn't try to hunt down anybody. I think she was trying to level out the playing field as much as she could by blowing up the food without doing anything bad. If that makes any sense.

Although I have read other people's critiques that Collins conveniently keeps Katniss from having to ever offensively hurt anyone in the story. Basically every time she injures some it's out of self-defense. I think that's a valid critique, but it didn't really bother me.

Do you think Rue would have lived longer if she hadn't paired up with Katniss, or helped with her plan?

Yeah, probably. Rue seemed to be able to avoid everybody else fairly well until she went along with Katniss' distraction-by-starting-fires plan. It's kind of interesting to me that Katniss never feels guilty about it.

Would you have done anything differently with Foxface? Do you think it was smart for Katniss not to team up with her? Or shoot her?

Ok, if it were me, I wouldn't have made it that far in the Games I probably would have let her go, too. I was a little surprised that Katniss did, but I think that goes back to the whole "it's important for Katniss not to just kill people." (Which is not how Catching Fire plays out. I'm not sure  why I was more ok with her indiscriminately trying to kill people in that one.)

This better (not) be in the movie. (any scenes you would especially like/dislike seeing in the film)

I hope they do a good job with Rue's death, and that it isn't cheesy. I'm also looking forward to seeing Katniss blow up all the food. 

Anything else that stuck out to you in the chapters?

I liked that Katniss realistically got injured after blowing up the food. She gets a lot of injuries throughout the book, but it would have seemed a little too convenient if nothing had happened to her there.

What did you think of these chapters? Do you think Rue's movie death will make you cry?


  1. One of my biggest issues with this book (And don't get me wrong I love it to death)is that Katniss NEVER goes on the offensive. She always talks about how it'll be inevitable that she'll have to kill people, but there's never a moment where she takes matters into her own hands. It's a very naive way of showing war, which is why I discounted the entire series as having any kind of in depth message even if it was meant to.

  2. That's a good point. Especially in the first book Katniss only kills "bad guys" who are already trying to kill her (or Rue). It is sort of convenient that she manages to win the Games that way. I don't think it's as realistic, but I wonder if people would be less sympathetic to her if she ended up having to kill Rue, or Thresh, or Foxface. I know people liked her a lot less in Mockingjay (for a variety of reasons), but I thought she did have to do more morally questionable things in that one.