Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Hunger Games Reread-Along: Chapters 13-15

Fires and tracker jackers and allies, oh my. But first, an announcement:

Do you live in Utah (County)? And want to see The Hunger Games movie with some fun bookish people? Penelope from The Reading Fever is organizing a big group get together to see a midnight showing in American Fork. If you'd like details, send her an email at readingfever (at) gmail (dot) com It'll be lots of fun!

Now back to the Games.

Katniss is constantly thinking about the reality/game show aspect of the Games. Do you think that's realistic, or would/should she be more concerned about just staying alive?

Honestly, it doesn't seem very realistic to me. I think anyone would be so incredibly scared that trying to stay safe is all they would think about. But one of the big ideas of the book is anti-reality TV, or entertainment at other people's expense, and I'm not sure how else that could come across without Katniss' (near constant) reminders that she's stuck in an awful sort of reality show.

Why do you think Katniss was so willing to team up with Rue, when she had no interest in trying to make an alliance with Peeta? 

I hadn't ever really noticed how Katniss just assumes that Rue is trustworthy (because she reminds her of Prim, I guess?) until I started reading The Hunger but Mainly Death Games. It's a parody I got for review, and it's pretty funny. Rue regularly tries to off Katniss, and it made me wonder why Katniss never doubted her. On the surface Peeta has a lot more to offer as an ally, but I think Katniss is more comfortable with the role of being the protector than working with someone she thinks of as equal in their abilities.

*spoilers* The tracker jackers are such a horrific idea in the story. Did you expect that they would come back in the series?

Um, no. Really no. I almost wish there was a little more of Katniss under their influence, since they become such a big deal in the last book.

This better (not) be in the movie. (any scenes you would especially like/dislike seeing in the film)

I think the tracker jacker scene will be interesting, but I hope it's not graphic. I think the fire scenes will look cool, based on the little mini-trailer.

Anything else that stuck out to you in the chapters? 

Even if it's maybe not completely realistic, I still liked the parts where Katniss taunts the careers from her tree. There aren't a lot of funny parts in the book, but that was one of them for me.


  1. Hearing these questions and your answers is making me realize how much I've forgotten of this one. Eeek! I should probably squeeze it in for a reread.

    1. I had forgotten a lot, too! I'm not sure if being reminded is good or bad though. I want to enjoy the movie without thinking about all the little details that are different. (But I'm sure I'll still like it.)