Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Hunger Games Read-Along, Chapters 1-3

Welcome to the first week of The Hunger Games read-along!

Were you surprised Prim and Peeta were picked in the reaping?
Completely (the first time). It's totally set up in a way that makes it seem like only people from the Seam will be picked. I thought it would be Katniss and Gale. Which would have made for a totally different book (although not necessarily a bad one).

What did you think of Katniss' goodbye to her mom/Prim, Madge, and Gale? Did you expect them to be more emotional? 
Yes, but I think that's just her character. I did think it was funny this time around that Katniss is so sure her mom and sister couldn't make it without her if she were to run off. But then as soon as she leaves for the Games she already has detailed instructions for how they can get by without her. She sort of has basically the same conversion with Gale, except the roles are reversed.

Peeta's parents aren't especially important in the rest of the series, but they do get some attention in the first couple chapters. What do you think they add to the story?
The whole burned bread scene is pretty important in the series, but otherwise I'm not sure. The mom is ridiculously mean - she's probably the meanest person Katniss directly interacts with in District 12. The dad is so opposite that I wonder how they ended up together. Maybe Peeta developed his way with words from trying not to make his mom mad?

This better (not) be in the movie:
Everything the trailer has shown from this part of the book looks amazing! My only thought is that I hope they don't try too hard to make Katniss "Disney-ized" by taking out some of the rougher parts of her personality. She's a flawed character, but still likeable.

Anything else that stuck out to you in the chapters?
The first time I heard this story was actually from the audio book, and I was sure Gale was a girl. It led to a lot of confusion in the first chapter.

What did you think of the first few chapters? You can answer in the comments, or if you posted on your blog leave the link and I'll come check it out. You can see the next couple weeks' worth of questions here.


  1. the first time i read the hunger games i didn't figure out that katniss was a girl for a few pages. that was weird too.

  2. Rachel, my sister thought the same thing! Also, that Gale was a girl. The names are pretty rough.

    also, yay for comments working again! I'm still trying to figure out how to make the other ones post.

  3. Cool and Hunger Games read along! I completely agree with you about Peeta's parents. That's probably the most vital scene in the book and even though Peeta's parents aren't really in the rest of the book they make such a huge impression in that one scene.

  4. Your making me want to reread The Hunger Games. (Which i'll have to do soon considering the movies coming out soon!) But I was confused by Gale too the first time your introduced to him. I also thought he was a girl. Common mistake, I guess.