Monday, January 30, 2012

Delurk Day!

The other day on Suey's blog she had a delurk day post, which I thought was a great idea. The idea is to have a post where anyone who stops by the blog can say hi. I know I stop by a lot more blogs than I comment on, and I figure that's true of other people and my blog, too.

So I'm copying Suey's idea and posting a few questions. You can answer all/none/just say hi/whatever you want. Happy Monday!

1. Have you ever had bangs? Did they work for you?
2. Besides books/reading, what's one of your interests?
3. What's something that's going good (or bad) for you right now?
4.What's your favorite seasonal candy?
5. Do you have a blog that I can visit?

My answers in the comments. Thanks for stopping by Read This Instead.

** Oh, also, this week's Hunger Games read along post will be on Friday instead of Wednesday. **


  1. 1. I've had bangs several times. I get sick of my hair after awhile and think I need to do something drastic to change it up. Sometimes that's cut it really short, sometimes it's bangs.
    They only rarely look good on me, but I keep coming back to them.

    2. I'm really into family history lately. It's a lot of fun to learn things about my (great, great) grandparents. They had a lot of kids, and very ethnic names.

    3. Good - we have a dishwasher, washer, & dryer. Do you know how much extra time that gives me? :)
    Bad - I have a gross cold.

    4. I love Cadbury creme eggs and those Valentine's conversation hearts.

  2. You know me :) I love chatting and commenting.

    1. Have you ever had bangs? Did they work for you? I have some now. I love them.

    2. Besides books/reading, what's one of your interests? Traveling, cooking, vintage shopping

    3. What's something that's going good (or bad) for you right now? New baby = not enough sleep :)

    4.What's your favorite seasonal candy? Peppermint Bark Chocolate

    5. Do you have a blog that I can visit?

    1. Ooh, it would be fun to combine cooking, traveling & vintage shopping. I hope things are going good for you and baby whimsy. :) Not to sound like one of those dumb cliches, but the newborn stage goes by fast. (at least, it feels like it did. When I was super short on sleep it did not feel particularly fast!)

  3. 1. Yes until I was a senior in high school. And, once since then. I hated them and I still do.
    2. Ewan McGregor, video games, music, Ewan McGregor, movies, board games, Ewan McGregor, crocheting, knitting, and did I mention Ewan McGregor?
    3. School--it's both good and bad
    4. Cadbury Eggs, the creamy kind
    5. Um, I think you visit most of the blogs I visit.

    1. Jenni... I'm thinking you need more posts on your blog dedicated to Ewan.... kinda like my Josh/Markus thing.

    2. Agreed! I still haven't seen any Ewan McGregor movies. I need to remedy that one of these days. Also, yay for Cadbury eggs.

  4. How's the delurking going? It's hard to entice people "out" isn't it? :) Here are my answers:

    1. I have almost always had bangs. My forehead is high and I hate showing it!
    2. I used to quilt and scrapbook a little. Blogging took over. I love to make and edit movies. Some are on YouTube, but they aren't very good.
    3. Just being able to do what I want to do.... that's going really pretty good for me right now!
    4. You know M and M's? When they come in all different colors for every season? Yeah, those! :)
    5. I think you mean my blog here, which you already know.:)

    1. It is hard! But it's fun to read the answers from the more regular visitors, too. :) I also have a deep and abiding love of M&M's. They're good every time of year.

  5. Well, I'm not an official lurker but who doesn't like to answer questions about themselves? ;)

    1 I think I look better with bangs but I HATE taking care of them so I never have them
    2 I think you know, besides reading, I LOVE soccer. I also like to write but that's kinda been pushed into the background lately.
    3 A bad thing? I need a freaking job and am not having any luck! A good thing? I don't have a job and I can do whatever I want all day long. ;P
    4 I love Cadbury Mini eggs and the Caramello bunnies.
    5 You know my blog. ;)

    These were great questions, very unique and fun.

    1. Bangs are a lot of effort! (at least for my crazy hair.) I hope the job thing works out soon. At least you're enjoying your time off.

  6. 1. Have you ever had bangs? yes, several times Did they work for you? they worked better before I hit puberty, I think they irritate my skin and make it break out more
    2. Besides books/reading, what's one of your interests? crochet, home improvement, diy (oops that's three)
    3. What's something that's going good (or bad) for you right now? pregnancy is going pretty well this time around but it is not very comfortable.
    4.What's your favorite seasonal candy? whopper eggs was the first to come to mind
    5. Do you have a blog that I can visit? (I really ought to post again soon)

    1. I had totally forgotten about those whopper eggs. They make good face paint, too. I'll have to get some this Easter.

  7. I love this idea! Also, I love answering these kinds of questions about myself :)

    1. I've had bangs basically my whole life, except between 6th and 11th grades. I keep switching back and forth between front and side bangs. I like 'em because I have a huge forehead.
    2. Running. I actually kind of hate it, but I'm weirdly addicted.
    3. I increased my hours at work, so now I'm making more $$$. Yay!
    4. The Reece's easter eggs (the flat kind in the yellow package?)
    5. You know it :)

    1. It was actually seeing your bangs at book club that made me think maybe I would get some again (and inspired this question). They look cute on you.
      And those big Easter egg Reece's are definitely staples around my house each year. :)