Monday, October 31, 2011

ABCs of Me Meme

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I've seen this floating around on a few of my favorite blogs lately, so I totally stole the idea. Nothing scarier than learning a lot of random stuff about me!

Age: I just turned the big 2-9 last month

Bed Size: Queen. But it honestly wouldn't matter what size the bed was; I always end up snuggled up against Rusty. And he always wakes up and asks me to roll over.

Chore that you hate: The dishes! I haven't seen this on anyone else's but I think it's because they must have dishwashers. If anyone likes doing dishes, stop by anytime.

Dogs:  scare the crap out of me.

Essential start to your day: A stop at the bathroom.

Favorite colors: Red

Gold or Silver: Gold

Height: I used to think I was 5'8" but the last time I measured I was just under that. I still claim it because I'm the shortest in my family.

Instruments you play: the radio. Does that count?

Job Title: Book blogging mom. Does that count, either?

Kids: No goats, but one 2 year old. I had a miscarriage last summer at 15 weeks, which I figure gives me a lifetime pass of never having to answer if I plan to have more. (If people ask questions that aren't their business, I like to give them answers that demonstrate how none of their business their question was.)

Live: Well, I'm not dead, so yes. Also, in Utah.

Mother-in-Law’s name: She has one. It's pretty interesting how I usually don't use it, though. When my sister got married, she avoided having to call her mother-in-law's name because she didn't know what to call her. Now that they have kids, they call her grandma.

Nicknames: Kathy. Some people like to lengthen my name to Katherine, but that's not my full name. Bonus points if you can guess what it is.

Overnight hospital stays: When I had my son, when I got my appendix out, when I was born. The food's always gross, but the nurses are incredibly nice.

Pet Peeves: when people chew their gum with their mouth open. If you ever see me giving someone the stink eye, that's probably the reason.

Quote from a movie: "He don't eat no meat!?" from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Also, the Kid History videos have been especially quotable lately.

Right or Left handed:   Right

Siblings: One older sister, one younger brother.

Time you wake up:  Whenever my son does. Lately it's between 7 and 7:30. Which will be a bit of a pain when it's time to "fall back" on Sunday.

Underwear: Yes for me, yes for Rusty, we're working on it for the 2 year old.

Vegetable you hate: celery. If they took middle school boys' gym socks and turned them into a vegetable, it would be celery.

What makes you run late: I'm just not super prompt. Usually because I leave too late or wait too long to get ready.

X-Rays you’ve had: My teeth, my finger when I thought I broke it, various ultrasounds, and a CT scan when I needed to get my appendix out.

Yummy food that you make: Anything sweet and not good for you. I'm known for a dish I call chocolate goodness, and banana cake with cream cheese frosting.

Zoo animal: I always loved the cows in the petting zoo growing up.


  1. I love your answer to instruments you play. The radio totally counts! And, I agree with you with the kids question. Worst. Question. Ever.

    I can't call my mother-in-law mom or grandma. It makes there seem like there's affection there and neither of us have affection for each other. So, I always call her by her first name. ;) I call my mom Granni, though, since all the nieces and nephews do.

  2. I'm glad you decided to do this. I don't have a dishwasher and doing dishes is starting to be my least favorite chore!

    That's such a cute Halloween costume!

    I'm gonna guess your name is maybe... Katherina or Katherine something???

    Having appendicitis and having it burst is one of my biggest fears EVER!

    What's with all the celery hate? I like it with peanut butter. ;)

    That chocolate dish and the banana cake sound really good, you're welcome to make those for me anytime.

  3. What fun! Do you mind if I answer these with you? ;)

    Age: 35

    Bed Size: Cal King. My husband is tall and needs the extra length.

    Chore that you hate: Mopping

    Dogs: We have 2 = a lab mix & a poodle mix

    Essential start to your day: Water

    Favorite colors: Black, pink, brown, white

    Gold or Silver: White gold

    Height: 5'6

    Instruments you play: If only the laptop keyboard counted ;)

    Job Title: Book blogging mamita-to-be ;)

    Kids: 1 on the way
    *My answer is and has always been, only God knows

    Live: Kentucky

    Mother-in-Law’s name: starts with a P

    Nicknames: my current fav is Chichi

    Overnight hospital stays: Never

    Pet Peeves: Liars

    Quote from a movie: "I Carried a Watermelon"? (Dirty Dancing) is the first that comes to mind

    Right or Left handed: Right

    Siblings: One younger brother and one younger sister

    Time you wake up: When my hubby gets up for work

    Underwear: Usually black

    Vegetable you hate: Green beans

    What makes you run late: I get easily distracted when I should be getting ready

    X-Rays you’ve had: My back & neck

    Yummy food that you make: Meatloaf

    Zoo animal: I love tigers, lions, and wolves

  4. I really enjoy reading these! And love your answer to the kid question... it's a sticky one for us too.

  5. This is such a fun post - I enjoy getting to know people on a deeper level (I think its the nurse in me) you don't have a dishwasher? I thought I was the only flintstone living woman in the world now days. 13 years without one. . . .and there isn't a day go by that I don't wish for one.

    BTW loved your response about people asking questions they shouldn't -- being infertile has given me many creative ways to shock the nosey. LOL.
    PS your little dino is so darn cute. :)

  6. You could be that tall if you measure yourself first thing in the morning. I learned from a video loop playing in a doctor's office that there can be like an inch and a half difference in your height by the end of the day. All that gravity and what not :)

  7. Jenni, it's hard with in-laws. I always think it's weird when people call them "mom" or "dad." But that probably says more about me than anything else. :)

    Jenny, it's Kathleen. I always thought that was a little granny-ish but Kathy honestly isn't much younger.
    About the appendicitis thing, you'll definitely know if it's your appendix. That hurts like crazy (until they give you drugs at the hospital. Then everything is wonderful)

    Juju, thanks for adding yours! Congrats on your baby. I'm seriously impressed with anyone who can blog while they're pregnant!

  8. Melissa, thanks! I think kids are sticky for a lot of people. It always surprises me when random people think it's a safe topic to bring up.

    Jen, 13 years without a dishwasher! That is rough. I've told my husband many times that I don't care if we never own a house, as long as we can live somewhere with a dishwasher. :)

    Meg, that is crazy! It was later in the day when I came up a little short. I'll have to try that tomorrow morning (if I remember)