Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Double "Crossed" Review

In honor of Crossed having not one, but two narrators, I've gotten a little help on this review. Making his Read This Instead debut is my husband, Rusty.

by Ally Condie

The Short Story
Don't read the Goodreads summary! There be spoilers.
Ky has been sent to the Outer Provinces to fight for his life. Cassia's family has been relocated. And Cassia is at a work camp in the hopes of finding Ky, leaving Xander behind. Or has she? As the story twists and turns she has to choose if being with Ky is really most important. Crossed kept me turning pages, but ultimately left me a little disappointed.
Rusty:  Read This 3 stars.
Kathy: Mixed Review 3.5 stars

Come for the....
He Said, She Said
Rusty: The overall description and detail of the setting was very fascinating. I enjoyed the increased level of suspense. There were details left undefined about each character that made everyone mysterious. Who is the traitor? Is there a traitor? How does the Society know where they are? The series seems cohesive as Cassia turns back to her old memories in moments of doubt and indecision.

Kathy: I liked the new information in this book, and learning a little more about the Society and the people in it. Having a second narrator challenged a lot of the assumptions I had from the first book, and added a feeling of uncertainty as to what the truth really was. The setting was perfect (possibly because I really like the part of Utah that is the setting for much of Crossed). And the new characters added a different dynamic to the action. I also really liked the use of color.

Don't Think About This Too Hard
R: At times the wording was a bit too flowery. There was a lot of investment without a payoff. I felt that the ending was not cohesive with the journey of the book. I was left wanting...Oh, and the cover...maybe you will get it right on the next one.

K: The voices felt similar and sometimes I couldn't tell who was narrating.
I didn't get the feeling they were in danger, possibly because the writing was very poetic and thoughtful. That style was a good match for Matched, but didn't work as well with the plot in Crossed. (If I were running for my life, my thoughts would be more "Ahhhh!" and less about poetry and love) It also made the book feel slow in parts.
There were some really tense build ups that didn't quite deliver for me.

The Big Three:
Language: A character swears. Twice! (the d-word, so not big)
Sex and Stuff: some kissing, a quasi-ambiguous scene
Violence: some dead bodies, but nothing gory

Just So You Know
I won an ARC from the Provo Library. Crossed will be released Tuesday, November 1.


  1. AWESOME review. I want this sooo bad.

    Wait, your library does ARCs?

  2. Juju, my library gave away a couple of ARCs. It would be awesome if they had ARCs available to check out, though. :)

  3. Oh, I like the layout for this post. Good idea to go with the book.

  4. What a wonderful joint-review you guys :)

    I do hope that I'll enjoy Crossed more than you guys did, fingers crossed.

    '(If I were running for my life, my thoughts would be more "Ahhhh!" and less about poetry and love)' oh, no this was just the problem that I had with Andrea Creamer's Nightshade.

  5. Jenny, thanks, it was fun. I feel bad for not loving this one, so I needed to do something other than be disappointed.

    Mari, I hope you'll like it better too. I think it was another one where my expectations were just too high. I loved Matched, and I didn't think this one lived up to it. I bet most people will like it just fine.

  6. I love this! So awesome that you both posted together. Kind of bummed that the book wasn't a rock star, but I'm still looking forward to reading it!

  7. Great review! I really like what you both had to say. I'm still excited for this one, but I'll be more wary going into it. Thanks for your honesty!

  8. LL, I hope you like it.

    Penelope, you too. And, happy day, the post office didn't lose it. So it will be on its way to you eventually. :)