Wednesday, August 3, 2011

That Time Kiersten White Came to the Library

Yep, that step stool was for her.
Last night Kiersten White did a signing at the Provo Library. And it was fun. Here are some pictures and a few things I learned.

I've been saying Evie's name wrong in my head. I thought it was E-V. No. It's Ehh-V. I guess that makes a better nickname for Evelyn, but I don't think I'll make the mental adjustment.

Also, you know how Kiersten White pronounces the word incarnate? In-car-knit. I say In-car-nate. And now I wonder if hook-ed on p-honics just never work-ed for me.

Reading from the book.
On the stool.
After the Paranormalcy books are out, Kiersten is working on a book about the daughter of unemployed Egyptian gods, named Isadora. And she wrote a different book in nine days, involving psychics and stun guns. And probably kissing. I think they both had kissing.

On the Supernaturally cover, Evie is striking a pose with her hand on her neck. And I thought it would be relevant to the plot. It's not, guys. It's just a model pose.

If you missed Kiersten White at the Provo Library last night, she'll be at The King's English in Salt Lake on Saturday. And if you can't go to that, stop by next week when I'll be giving away a signed copy of Supernaturally.

These girls totally went all out.
So, how do you pronounce incarnate?


  1. While I do say in-car-knit, I would've pronounced the name E-V too. I know of too many Evies that do pronounce their name the way I think of it.

    Thanks for sitting by me! It was a lot of fun to get to know you better. :)

  2. Well, actually, I say it more like in-car-nut.

  3. Ah, I wish I could have gone. :( Life got in the way again! I say incarNATE, just like it looks! Yep. And I WISH I was tiny, and I hope to get to met YOU some day and one of these bookish/bloggish things!

  4. Sounds like fun!!

    I definitely have been saying E-V as well. Oops. I guess it's just easier to say, even though like you said Ehh-v makes more sense as a nickname.

    And I say 'in-car-knit' as well. =)

  5. Sounds like it was great! I meant to go, but had two other things to do last night. :( I'm hoping to make it to her signing in Salt Lake!

    Oh, and the hooked on Phonics video? A-ma-zing!

  6. I say incarnate like you too. Doesn't the word come from like the word carne- meat, meaning being in body or in "meat" as it were?

  7. I wanted to go to this but I completely forgot! Sigh. I've always said In-car-nate, btw.

  8. I'm hoping she'll make it my way sometime soon. She sounds like such a dynamic speaker. Even if she does pronounce things incorrectly :) I always said E-V too, until I heard her say it on one of her vlogs.

  9. Jenni, thanks for letting me sit with you! You are just as funny as Kiersten White. :)

    Suey that would be so fun! I feel really lucky that the libraries around here host so many fun activities like this.

    Ashley, it was fun! And good to know I'm not the only one who thought you said her name that way.

  10. Penelope, hopefully you can see her in Salt Lake. She's such a fun speaker. And I love Brian Regan. He's hilarious and still pretty clean.

    Meg, I figured you would pronounce it just like I do. :) And since it reminds me of both Spanish class and Catholicism I'm thinking it has Latin roots.

    Jenny, yay! Another nate-er. :) Too bad you couldn't make it. I would love to meet you at one of these blogger things too!

    melissa, hopefully you will get to meet her sometime. I guess I should have listened to her vlogs. :)

  11. How cool. I tell ya the coolest writers and blogger are from Utah.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.