Monday, June 27, 2011

A Tale of Two Ally's

Last week I got to hear both Ally Condie and Ally Carter speak. Because living half way between two libraries is a good thing.

Ally Condie & a room of mostly teenagers
First up, Ally Condie. Apparently I can't have a normal story involving Ally Condie. This time I didn't do anything awkward. . . .  except for bring my two year old to her lecture. Which I guess was actually for teens. Once my little guy got bored, I strolled him around in the hallway outside the room. We had to take off when he decided to barrel into the room pretending his stroller was jet propelled.


But before that embarrassing moment, I learned a couple of things about the Matched series. The idea came to her from a few different experiences. One was talking to her husband about marriage and how the government can set the rules for what makes people married. And she wondered what it would be like if they controlled every aspect of marriage: who, when, etc. She said she wasn't making any political statements, but it's an interesting thought just the same.

The other was a prom she was chaperone-ing when she taught high school. At that school they passed around a list of all the junior girls who hadn't been asked so that the senior guys could take them. That way every girl had a date. And I thought: 1. that's very Utah. 2. my adult mind says that was very nice. 3. I'm pretty sure my teen mind would have rather not gone than had someone ask me based on the idea that every girl should have a date, instead of the idea that I was fun. And I think I can see how both feelings are in the book. (poor Xander)

I probably shouldn't
start a photography business.

On to Ally Carter. I haven't read any of her books, but if they are half as funny as she is they are hilarious. I laughed though the whole thing. She did Q & A the entire time, which I thought was a great idea. Since I didn't know anything about the books, my favorite part was her explaining how Sarah Rees Brennan tried to convince her to go on a Mediterranean cruise for "research" purposes. She assumed it would be with Sarah, but it was actually a big blind date set up with Sarah's brother. The cruise ended up falling through, and she didn't find out about the brother until after that, but it's still a funny story.

I love seeing authors talk about their books. And now I have a new author to add to my TBR pile!


  1. I want to go to the event for Ally Condie, but I had to work. I'm glad you went and had a good time even if it was a little eventful. :)

  2. Oh how I wish I'd seen the Allys. You are going to love Ally Carter's stuff - it is quite funny.

  3. I wanted to go to Ally Condie's library thing, but missed it because I couldn't find a sitter for my 3 and 4 year old. I was scared to try it - so I am impressed you made it! LOL. (church is hard enough let alone a library function)

    Wasn't Ally Carter sweet!

    Glad you had fun!

  4. Fun! I've heard Ally Condie speak and it was fun hearing her thoughts on Matched but I couldn't go to Ally Carter. :(

  5. Waves of envy in your direction! But good envy! ^_^ Matched is on my to-read list, and I love Ally Carter's books. I would love to hear them both speak. I have kind of web-stalked Ally Carter for a while and was fortunate enough to find some videos of some readings/Q & A sessions she's done in the past. I'm glad you got to go and report to us that they are as awesome as they seem!

    ~Shalena @ Writer Quirk

  6. Jenni it was really interesting (at least what I heard) but I guess I should have realized with it being in the middle of the day, it wasn't really for adults. Since they're usually at work at that time! :)

    Melissa I'm excited to read her books. Everyone really seems to like them.

    Jen I'm pretty sure the sitter was the right idea! It's so true... church is hard enough. :) I packed lots of toys, but running wild was just more interesting for the little guy.

  7. Jenny Ally Condie really is an interesting speaker. Too bad you couldn't make it to the library this time.

    Shalena I'm a new Ally Carter web stalker, too. :) I love it when authors are so willing to be accessible online.

  8. I had to laugh about your son's jet propelled stroller; sounds very similar to some embarrassing moments with my son. Lol. :)

    And what a fun story Ally Carter told! Wish I had been able to make it!

  9. Penelope I try to tell myself everyone with small kids has been there, but it's still pretty embarrassing. :) And Ally Carter really was a lot of fun.

  10. Oh how cooooooooool. I recently read and fell in love with Matched. It's fantastic. I can not wait for the next book.

    Thanks again for sharing your experience!