Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Read This: Paranormalcy

by Kiersten White

The Short Story 
Evie is a normal girl with the ability to see paranormal creatures. After being abandoned as a small child, she finds a home (and a job) with the International Paranormal Containment Agency. She hunts vampires and werewolves by day and dreams of going to high school and having a locker by night. When a mysterious shape-shifting boy makes his way into her life, Evie begins to wonder about the IPCA, her place in the paranormal world, and if normal will ever be an option.

Come for the...
paranormal story done well. I know paranormal romances have started to overstay their welcome as a genre, but Paranormalcy is different. It worked for me because it didn't take itself too seriously. The book doesn't try to make you honestly believe that werewolves or vampires secretly exist in the regular world. Evie lives in a different one, and it was a nice, funny switch to see her wishing for "normal" life.

I enjoyed the characters and how easy it was to relate to them. Evie struggles with loneliness, feeling like she belongs, and wanting a date. Pretty standard teenage stuff.  Pretty standard people stuff. I also appreciated that Evie could kick butt when she needed to, but didn't fall into the "I don't need nobody" stereotype that many butt-kicking female characters fall victim to. And, she's hilarious.
Stay for the
chapter titles; Evie's fashion sense; her weapon of choice, Tasey; the sequel, Supernaturally, out July 26.

Don't think about this too hard
  • It's hard to come up with anything I disliked. In some ways the book is pretty light on external conflict, but I suspect that's what the sequels are for.

The Big Three
Language: cleverly handled so as not to be an issue
Sex and Stuff: some kissing
Violence: for a book with a fair amount of death it's not very violent


  1. Loved this one!! It was just so fun and awesome. I totally adored Evie, for the reasons you said. Definitely can't wait for 'Supernaturally' to come out.

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    P.S. Paranormalcy was an amazing book! Loved. It.

  3. Ashley I'm excited for Supernaturally, too! I'm trying to come up with something hilarious to use as my entry for the ARC contest on Kiersten White's blog. So far, not so funny.

    Andrea thank you! This was so fun to pass on!