Friday, June 24, 2011

The Friday Hops

Book Blogger Hop

“When did you realize reading was your passion and a truly important part of your life?”

Reading isn't really my passion, but it became important to me once I had my son. I love staying home with him, but it uses a different part of my brain than school did. I love to analyze and hypothesize and discuss, and reading gives me the chance to do that. I think that's why I like to blog about books, too. I have to (try to) defend why I did or didn't like something. And I love it when there are comments that challenge my ideas.

Thanks for keeping my thoughts sharp! :)

Summer Love: Where is your ideal place to take a 
summer vacation & get lost in a book?

I brought a book when we went to San Francisco and never opened it.  But my favorite vacation places would either be somewhere with my very spread-out extended family, or the beach. I love the sound of the ocean and finding seashells and not being cold!

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  1. Hey - thanks for visiting FF

    You should so read the Iron Fey series! I love those books.

  2. Just blogging by, happy Friday!

  3. Hopping by from the Hop!
    So do you and your son both read books and discuss them? That would be really cool if you did! I think that any reason for someone to read, is an amazing reason! :)

    My Hop is here:

  4. Great answer. I'm not sure how I feel about defending why I like/don't like something yet, but I'm getting there. LOL.

  5. I converted my website to a book blog after my second was born because I wanted to better remember what I was reading.

    I realized how important books had become in my life in 1999. Come see what happened.

  6. When did I first realize I loved reading? I wish I could prove a pre-natal predilection towards books but my memories don’t stretch back quite that far.

    The earliest memories I can recall involved books. First having them read to me then reading them on my own the minute I had the ability.

    Books have been a major part of my life ever since. My passion for the written word knowing no bounds, I started writing books on top of reading them about ten years ago.

    Want to know what my favorite childhood book was? Hop on over to my blog and find out:

    Howard Sherman, Implementor

  7. thanks guys! :)

    The Book Angel I definitely want to discuss with my son when he gets bigger. Right now we mostly read Elmo books together. :)

    Jenni Elyse I don't always have a reason, either. But I try to figure out why, especially if it's something I didn't like.

  8. pussreboots I hadn't thought of it that way, but blogging is a great way to keep track of what you read. I'll remember that on days when I feel like I don't get much done. :)

  9. That's part of my favorite thing about book blogging, too. Sometimes I feel I'm rather analytical when I write a review, but that's just how I think about things as I love to know how things work. Great answer!

  10. Hello from the blog hop.
    I can't imagine a life without books. I don't know that I'm very good at defending my ideas about a book, but I do like how it makes me think. I can't just say, "Oh, this was such a great book!" End of story. Instead, I try to give reasons, as hard as that can be.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  11. You should come to visit here in Florida! Beach (check), ocean (check), seashells (check), gross jellyfish (errr...check) Just don't go to Cocoa beach. :D

    I'd love to go to San Fran! That sounds amazing!! :)

  12. kaye thanks! Sometimes I feel like I'm being too analytical or thinking about things too hard, but it really is just how my brain works. Good to know I'm not alone. :)

    @lex I don't know if I'm good at it, either! But I do try. Have a good weekend, too.

    Lisa Florida is what converted me to the beach! I have a friend who lives in Jacksonville and visiting there was one of my favorite vacations. :)

  13. I've always wanted to go to San Francisco. I've heard it's beautiful and lively. :]

  14. I'm currently living in MI and I hate being cold. It's so cold all the time here. I was even cold yesterday and put on my flannel PJ's to warm up. It's almost July!