Monday, June 20, 2011

10 (book) Boy Summer

A while back I mentioned a lot of the books I read were really similar, so I decided to do something different with my reading. Of the 50-ish books I've read this year, about 10 of them had male main characters. And even fewer were written by men.

Which got me thinking... maybe it's time I read some "boy" books. So this summer my goal is to read 10 YA books written by men that also have males as the main character.


I need some help. Who are some of your favorite male YA authors? Or just plain male YA authors?

Here's who I've come up with:
James Dashner
Patrick Ness
Scott Westerfeld
Brandon Mull
John Green (even though I swore I'd never read another of his books)
Rick Riordan
Sherman Alexie

That's a start, but I could use some more suggestions. So please leave other YA male authors in the comments. Well, not the actual authors. Just their names. And feel free to play along this summer!


  1. This is a good challenge. I can't think of any that you don't have, though. Sorry.

  2. Thanks! It really is hard to come up with more. I think YA is mostly just women writing about women (read by mostly women). It'll be interesting to see how this turns out. :)

  3. Hmm... what about Kenneth Oppel? I guess he's more middle grade, but so is Rick Riordan. Anyway, I've heard great things about his books.

    Others I can think of: Andrew Auseon, Michael Grant, Jay Asher, Stephen Chbosky, Neil Gaiman (Graveyard Book), Eoin Colfer (again, more middle grade, I think), David Levithan

  4. Chris Crutcher is good. I'm blanking on the author of One Fat Summer...Lipsomething? John Green--Abundance of Katherines. Deuker writes lots of sports-themed books with male characters...High Heat is a good baseball story. I'll try to think of a few more...

  5. Ooooh, Sherman Alexie is a great one! Although, I've only read his adult books. lol

    Hmm, I also love Patrick Rothfuss. But he's not a YA author. I'm not doing too well answering your question! lol

  6. Thought of another--Orson Scott Card (Ender's Game). There's also Gary Paulsen--lots of male protagonists, but largely middle grade rather than YA.

  7. Ashley & Mary thank you! I think it's interesting that many of the men tend to write MG, although there definitely are a bunch that write YA.

    Lisa I appreciate any recommendations! I think it's interesting when people write both YA and adult. I know Rick Riordan did adult first, too.

  8. Chris D'Lacey is good but more what I think you would call Middle Grade

    Michael Grant

    Derek Landy is incredible, his main characters are one male and one female.

    Alexander Gordon Smith, he is incredible, but his stories are a bit darker and scarier. but 90% of characters are male.

  9. NEAL SHUSTERMAN. Sorry. I'm so in love with this man that it came out in caps.

  10. Thank you both! I have books by Alexander Gordon Smith and Neal Shusterman on hold at the library. :)

  11. Some of my favorite guy books:

    - Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford

    - Leverage by Joshua C. Cohen

    - Trapped by Michael Northrop

    - Feed by MT Anderson

    - Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick (more middle grade)

    - Mexican WhiteBoy by Matt de la Pena

    Also: Walter Dean Myers, Mike Lupica, Chris Lynch, Blake Nelson, Pete Hautman...

    Sounds like a great challenge! Good luck and I hope you find books you enjoy! :D