Monday, May 16, 2011

Mixed Review: The Dark Divine

The Dark Divine
by Bree Despain

The Short Story 
Grace is a pastor's daughter who tries to live up to her name and family reputation. As a kid she harbored a crush for her brother Jude's friend, Daniel. Then one day Daniel disappeared and Jude came home covered in blood. Years later no one will tell Grace what happened that night. When Daniel shows back up Grace goes looking for answers. An interesting start that ultimately clunked with its anvil-sized hints and cliches.  

Come for the...
mysterious loner dude (as they say at Forever Young Adult). I don't really get the appeal of bad boys as love interests, but I do think they make for interesting characters. Daniel steals the show in a book where everyone else feels a little flat and stereotypical. Unfortunately he doesn't keep it up for the whole story, but I enjoyed his character quite a bit for the first half of the book.

The Dark Divine is a quick read that kept me up much later than I was planning on. Even when I figured out the mystery I was interested to see where Despain would go with it. If you liked Twilight/Shiver/etc. I expect this will be a fun read for you.

Stay for the
cover; the completely appropriate title; the name Jude, which I've always liked; the sequel, The Lost Saint

Why this wasn't a "Read This"
  • A lot of the story centers around the mystery of what happened with Daniel, and I thought it was too easy to figure out. I'm always frustrated when I figure out the big reveal about half-way through the book. I won't say more for fear of being spoilery, but I didn't think the writing was subtle enough to give the effect the author seemed to be going for.
  • I had a hard time relating to Grace. I know she wanted to do the kind, charitable thing and give people the benefit of the doubt, but... Some of her actions were pretty dangerous and not smart. I couldn't understand why she wouldn't push people for answers, either.
  • I felt like I had read this before, and more in a "book twins" than a book brothers kind of way. It was very Twilight/Shiver/character with paranormal problem to me. And that may be because I've only read the first book. Maybe the sequel starts to go its own way?

The Big Three
Language: a couple of swear words
Sex and Stuff: some kissing
Violence: fighting and a couple of stabbings, but nothing graphic

Want a second opinion? Check out Jennie Elyse's 5 star review of The Dark Divine.


  1. Yeah, I wasn't thrilled with this one either. I've read worse, much worse but I just couldn't get into it and I doubt I'll ever read the sequel.

  2. I'm happy I'm not alone! Most of the reviews I read for this one were glowing. I always feel like a jerk for writing a critical review, but I just didn't love this one.
    I'll give the sequel a chance and I think that will decide if I finish the series or not.

  3. uh oh, I think I have it figured out from reading the review! Oh well. This one wasn't on my radar yet. I like the way you format your reviews!

  4. Like you, I wasn't terribly impressed by The Dark Divine--although it did sound good at first (and well, the cover was gorgeous). I'm still debating over picking up the next book in the series--and I'll probably break down and pick it up once it comes out in paperback.
    Thanks for the honest review! <3 I'm now following your blog and looking forward to seeing more reviews from you. ;)

  5. Mary oh no! I'll have to go through this and be more vague! Thanks for letting me know. :)

    Kristin thanks for following! I'm following your blog, too. I plan to read this second book since my library has it. Sometimes I have to read the sequels when I'm on the fence about a book before I can decide if it's worthwhile or not.
    You'll have to let me know what you think if you read the next one. :)