Monday, April 4, 2011

Tween Girls (and their moms) Facepalm With Me

I promise this will be my last post on this issue.

Check out who got cast for Peeta and Gale in the Hunger Games movie:

I believe I can fly; Mmm, raw squirrel
Kind of surprised, kind of disappointed. At least Josh Hutcherson has that "didn't even notice him" quality going on. It'll be easy to believe that Katniss didn't pay much attention to him. And the scene where she digs him out of the mud (assuming it makes it into the movie) will just be gross. Really gross.

And Liam ("Last Song") Hemsworth has Gale's... eyebrows? He and Jennifer Lawrence are both blond, so they could pass for cousins, right? And Australian and southern accents are so hard to tell apart. I know I confuse them all the time.

ETA: Here's a video to show that anyone can play Peeta as long as they stick to the book and use a little hair product


  1. So interesting! I'm surprised about the cast.

  2. *face palm* I feel the exact same way! I wished Chord Overstreet would have been cast as Peeta. And Liam is to pretty to play Gale. :( I'll still watch it obsess over it, though. lol!

  3. I loved the first book of this series, and then I stopped near the beginning of the second. I think I might need to finish them off before the movie. --Rachel

  4. Elisabeth I'm surprised too. Guess I should remember that it can still work, even if it wasn't what I was expecting. :)

    Birdy I hadn't thought of Chord Overstreet for Peeta but he definitely has the look. I know I'll still go see the movie. Maybe even the day it comes out. Maybe even at midnight if I can convince people to come with me.

    Rachel I kind of have an unhealthy love for the Hunger Games books. The second one was my favorite. If you get a chance to read the rest I recommend them.

  5. I dislike the cast so much I don't know what to do with myself. Gale and Peeta (the guys that have been cast) seem to have a 10 year age gap between them and Gale could easily be Katniss Dad. Gah.

  6. I don't mind the cast as long as the movie is good and as true as possible to the book :)