Thursday, April 7, 2011

Read This (International): Jellicoe Road

Jellicoe Road
by Melina Marchetta

The Short Story
Taylor, a junior at an Australian boarding school, tries to solve the mystery of her past and fight the yearly "border war" against the town and military high schools. Just as things get complicated, the only adult Taylor trusts disappears. But she may have left behind more help than Taylor realizes. Interesting, emotional, and very sweary read.

Come for the...
trip (the journey?) It might take a bit to remember who's who in the flashback story, but everything fits together so well once you get what's going on. Pick this one up when you have a lot of time to read because you won't want to put it down.

I loved how Taylor struggled with trying to figure out why people did what they did - especially when they hurt her. She has to decide whether to give second chances without knowing the reasons for people's actions. I especially liked watching her deal with people who didn't really have any. And I loved that not everyone had a noble motive for doing bad things. Sometimes bad things just happen.
Keep your tissues handy; this is the first book to make me cry since Mockingjay.

Just so you know
apparently singlet means tank top in Australia, not wrestling outfit. (But wrestling outfit is the funnier visual) You can use your context clues sleuthing to figure out what pashing means.

Don't think about this too hard
  • You will figure out what's going on before the characters do, but there's really only one time where it happens long before the characters do.
  • The content in this book is pretty mature and sometimes disturbing. I would recommend it to 16+

The Big Three
Language: there is a lot of swearing in this, including many f-words. I would have rated this as 5/5 if it weren't for all the swearing.
Sex and Stuff: characters have sex but not descriptively
Violence: some fist fights; a character gets shot


  1. Great review :) I read the book last year and gave it 5/5.

  2. Interesting review, Kathy!
    The cover looks good, too, and from what you say about the book it seems like it's something I'd like to read sometime soon :)


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  4. Ladybug I'll have to read your review. It's fun to fangirl. :)

    Evie I hope you like it!

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