Friday, April 1, 2011

No Foolin' GiVeaWaY! (US/Canada)

In honor of April Fool's I'm giving away a book about trick (or treating), Marsipity. Marsipity is a children's book about two kids' adventures on Halloween. It's like Christmas in July, only it's Halloween in April.

To enter:
Become a follower of this blog, over on the side.
Leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite Halloween costume.

US/Canada only, please.
Giveaway closes Tuesday, April 5 at midnight Mountain Time.


  1. I follow with GFC as edmontonjb

    My favorite costume is a couples costume where the man is a UPS man and the woman is a package.


  2. My favorite halloween costume is Sailor Moon! used to love this cartoon a lot :)

  3. i left you an email last night for the link you left on this blog. you have to go read it RIGHT now because i totally mentioned this in it. i'm amazing. but not really. you are.
    and duh i'm a follower.

  4. oooh, my favorite costume, eh? i like the classic witch. but it has to be a good one, with all the makeup and stuff. as long as you go all out i love any Halloween costume.

  5. Looks like a cute book. Halloween is a serious affair at my house. My kids get into character. Favorite costume is the witch. Different variations of course, there is the scary witch, the sexy witch, the good witch and so on :)

  6. lisapeters at yahoo dot com Lisa I follow as. I love the Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dumb. Works on so many levels.

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  8. Okay, first costumes that come to mind that I saw in person and loved were worn by a family of three; She-Ra (the mom), Skeletor (the dad), and He-Man (the pudgy little baby). I thought the costumes were well done and so clever. Best costume that has been described to me was a little girl who wanted to be a refrigerator that opened with food inside! And her dad made it for her.

  9. Fav. Costume....I was a cat, Abe was a mouse, and Nick was Animal Control. It was fun:) hope I win ;)
    Love ya,

  10. I've been following, but this post made me remember to follow publicly. My favorite Halloween costume was dressing my three girls as the three Fairy Godmother's from Sleeping Beauty last year. I anticipated it for years, even before knowing we'd have 3 girls.

  11. This last year us three were a s'more. Kirk and I were the graham crackers, and Syd was dressed in all white and she was the marshmallow. Our baby bjorn was choclate brown, so that was the chocolate. :)

  12. Looks like a great book! We love to make our own costumes every year but one that sticks out is when my husband and I were deep sea divers. We used painter suits and made paper mache' helmets to look like oldtime divers. My son was 15 months then and I made a shark costume for him w/grey sweats and fins w/tail on the back!
    (new follower today too)

  13. I'm following via GFC now (found you through the Book Blogs group). My favorite costume was the first one I dressed my son up in, when he was about four months. He was a chili pepper, with the words "Hot Stuff" emblazoned across his chest. I may be biased, but he was so stinking adorable in that costume!

  14. I think my niece would love this book.

    My favorite costume is a red devil costume that i've had for years. It is really shiny and i've always loved it.

    GFC- jennifer

    jennifer.kalman at gmail dot com

  15. I would have to say my favorite costume that comes to mind is Superman. I think it's so cute when little boys and babies feel like they are the superhero!