Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mixed Review: The Goddess Test

The Goddess Test
by Aimee Carter

The Short Story 
With Kate's mom in the final stages of her battle with cancer, the two move back to the small Michigan town where she grew up. After a mean prank goes very wrong, Kate makes a deal with Henry, who claims to be the Greek god Hades. If she can pass seven tests she'll become a goddess, queen of the Underworld, and prolong her mother's life. Or she could die trying. Interesting take on Greek mythology, but I just couldn't buy the story.** 

Come for the...
mystery. Like Kate, I wanted to figure out what was going on, who the bad guys were, and what she would be tested on. This is definitely a page turner. I flew through the book, even as I began to solve most of the mystery and the story became harder and harder to believe.  I expected some action, and just when I was sure there wouldn't be any, found myself surprised.

I was also surprised by the tests themselves. Even after being told what they would be like, I appreciated the fuller explanation near the end. I actually didn't recognize any of those as they were happening. I figured out who many of the key players were early on, but I was still surprised by things as the book wrapped up.

Stay for the
beautiful cover; handy spoiler guide (there's a reason it comes at the end of the book); the sequel, Goddess Interrupted out in 2012.

Why this wasn't a "Read This"

  • I had a hard time staying in the story and wondered why certain things were happening. Why was there a ball? Why was Kate being dressed like she was in the 1800's? Why did Hades talk like a Jane Austen character? (Is this really Pride & Prejudice & Olympus?) I felt like the only answer was "because this is a romance novel."
  • Unfortunately, I had a hard time believing the romance, too. I gues they liked each other because they said they liked each other? I actually went back to see if I had missed something.
  • I couldn't relate to Kate, whose primary motivation seemed to be guilt/wanting to avoid feeling guilty. She beat herself up over things that weren't really her fault, but then didn't hold other characters accountable for their actions.
  • There was no relating to Henry, who I know I was supposed to be sympathetic toward, but who ultimately couldn't quite shake the manipulative creepster vibe.

The Big Three
Language: not an issue
Sex and Stuff: characters have active, but non-descriptive, love lives
Violence: some gore, but nothing too descriptive

**I didn't literally buy the story, either. I received a free digital copy of The Goddess Test from Harlequin via NetGalley.

Want a second opinion? Check out Reading Angel's 5 star review of The Goddess Test.


  1. Why I loved the book, I really love your review too! I can see why you feel the way you do about, but I really did connect with the characters. You are more than welcome to link me up! Thanks for asking :)
    For handy dandy linkage purposes here you go

  2. I've seen some glowing reviews of this book. It was nice to read some criticism of the book as well. Thank you for a great and honest review, kathy.

  3. Reading Angel Thanks! I've updated the post now so people can read your fun review. :)

    Ladybug I really wanted to like this one! I feel a little guilty that I didn't end up enjoying it as much as I wanted to. The beginning is great, though. Maybe you'll like it better?

  4. I love the way your review is set up, very informative and easy to read. I'm on the fence for this book, more so after reading this. I think I'll skip it, thanks for the great review.

  5. Awesome review! I felt the same. I liked the concept, but the execution had too many flaws for me to give it anything higher than 3 stars.

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  7. carole thanks! I feel bad putting down a book, but if you were already on the fence... there are a lot of other really good books out there!

    Lamia thanks for stopping by! I just kept nodding my head the whole time I read your review of this book. Looks like we have some similar book tastes. :)

  8. Hi Kathy! I came to check out your blog after I read your comment on my review of this book. I can see where you are coming from on a few things, but I still loved the book. I guess they just weren't distractions for me.

    I love the way you set up your reviews! It seems so concise. Sometimes mine feel like a long, rambling mess. : ) I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  9. Tammy thanks for visiting! I always feel bad when I don't love a book so I'm happy you commented. :) Now anyone who sees the comments can hope over to your blog to get a different opinion.

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