Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm Biased

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She could totally be a fantasy character
Now, on to some bias. I read a great post over at My Friend Amy's blog about how high fantasy books are not her thing. She says,
But whenever I try to read one, I just...can't. There are usually too many things for me to think about, too many names like Aaaeeddywna that I can't pronounce and then get confused because there's also Eeeadwyna.
And I laughed heartily because I have the same problem. I've read four different fantasy books this year (Graceling, Fire, Beyonders, Incarceron; you can see my other reads here) and I didn't like any of them. I couldn't even finish Beyonders.

Sure, I have my reasons. Kristin Cashore's books had more soap operay sexual content than I cared for. Brandon Mull is a wordy, wordy writer. Catherine Fisher's book was just confusing, start to finish. But I wonder if I would have been more forgiving if the books weren't fantasy. So when I label a fantasy book as "Skip This" know that I've yet to find an old school fantasy that I liked.

How about you? Are there any genres that just don't do it for you?


  1. Have you ever read the Lord of the Rings. I liked them fine.

  2. I haven't read those, or The Hobit. (I actually haven't seen all the movies, either. I just couldn't get into them, and the violence was too much for me.) But I know those are big in Bob's family so I guess it's good you liked them. :)

    Rusty loves the movies but can appreciate that I can't appreciate them.

  3. I read many different genres but all kinds speculative fiction is what I prefer :)

    I used to think there where genres that I didn't enjoy but I've come to learn that there is always a book for me. Just have to find the right one.

  4. I don't do fantasy type books either but I loved LOTR and have read it 3 times. You really should try it, the Hobbit is good too but LOTR is better imo

  5. Ladybug that's a good point. Maybe I just need to find a type of fantasy that clicks for me. I did like the Fablehaven books, and they had fantasy elements.

    So many books maybe if I have a book group/some people willing to read it with me I'll give them a try. :) My husband said maybe some day he'd read them but he was pretty non-committal.

  6. my other half only reads Christopher Brookmyre and Robert Crais, he has tried a very small few other authors but takes forever to get through them, he infuriates me. Yet give him a Brookmyre or Crais and he gets through it in a day or two. I have no chance of getting him to try and read LOTR

  7. i'm definitely not a fan of sci fi books. i just don't get into them. or historical nonfiction (make that fiction too). i'm just not into period stuff that much. though i love US history so maybe i should try something with that in it one day.