Friday, April 8, 2011

The Friday Five

This week I'm borrowing a lovely idea from Archimedes at Do Not Disturb My Books: The Friday Five.

1. Have you heard about the "what the heck-y-ness" going on between Forever Young Adult (a YA book blog) and a lawyer claiming to work for Lionsgate (the people making the Hunger Games movie)? Let's just say it involves vague comments about a potentially fake movie script and threats of lawsuit.

Real or not real? I don't know. But a controversial controversy just the same.

2. For the life of me I have not wanted to read my library book, and it's due on the 13th. I've read three other books in its place (Jellicoe Road, This Girl Is Different, and Treasure Map of Boys - all good). Wonder if I'll ever get past page 10.

3. My son turned 2 this week! (Yes, my profile picture is actually my son. It's just kinda old) True to terrible two-ness he is destroying the baby gate as I type.

4. I just started watching The Biggest Loser (online of course. I couldn't imagine trying to watch it take 30 minutes to weigh 10 people). It's kind of inspiring. Except today I watched while eating oreos.
5. Josh Hutcherson is actually starting to grow on me. At least he looks less like this in my mind:

Admit it, this is the most flattering picture of this kid you've seen. He looks less like a 12 yr. old (even if he's trying too hard to flex)

Maybe I've had too many oreos today.  What's on your mind?


  1. Is it sad to admit I just figured out what is on JH's shirt? Um, not cool. I'll see if I can find a flattering but not shooty picture.

  2. HAha, I love that you watched The Biggest Loser while eating oreos. You're my hero. --Rachel

  3. Thanks Rachel. I did feel a little bad about it once they got to the weigh in. Now the oreos are for when Asher goes potty, so I'm putting them to better use. :)