Monday, March 7, 2011

On Bad Reviews

The other day I read an interesting post on Justine Larbalestier's blog about the value of getting bad reviews  She says, among other things,
It’s very hard for authors to believe that reviews are not about them. To not take them personally. It’s hard for anyone to read or hear people hating on something they worked very hard to produce. But you get over it. Or you learn to stop reading your reviews.
I liked the post because she basically gave reviewers the ok to be honest in their reviews.  That's good for me to hear.  I generally don't like being negative about stuff (in print anyway), or done by someone I know.  In fact, sometimes I don't like giving feedback on Rusty's art because it's not always going well and NO ONE wants to hear that.  So is it really fair to write up something that I would never actually say to someone? 

I guess in this case, yeah, it is.  Because as Larbalestier points out, reviews aren't for authors - they're for readers.  If I can save somebody time by pointing out that a book has some major flaws, or more f-words than prepositions, that's a good thing.  Not a personal thing.  So I'll try to review everything I read, even the stuff I dislike so much that I don't finish it.  Just don't go telling the authors, ok?  :)

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