Saturday, March 5, 2011

Skip This: Graceling

by Kristin Cashore

The Short Story 
Traditional fantasy where some people have special powers, or Graces.  Katsa's a superpowered butt-kicker who tries to use her skills for good, but has serious commitment problems.  Interesting idea that could have been good but just didn't work for me.

I couldn't help but notice...
I've seen this book on several "If you liked the Hunger Games, try..." lists, which is how I picked it up. But other than some fairly weak connections (capable female protagonist, violence), I didn't see it.  I'll readily admit that old school fantasy is not my thing.  I took me a while to get into the idea of kings and ladies and the whole Middle Ages style.  But my main problem really was the content.  The violence was more graphic than I cared to read, and the sex scenes honestly were too descriptive and unnessecary.  I have no idea what Cashore's intent was, but I felt like the end of the book sent an "it's ok to sleep with someone but don't tie yourself down to a comitted relationship" message.  Even if that was completely not her intent, I wouldn't be comfortable recommending this book to anyone.

It wasn't all bad
This is a pretty negative review so I'll try to be nice here.
  • There's a map that actually comes in kind of handy
  •  Katsa tries to do the right thing in terms of her killing abilities.  She learns to control her power so that she doesn't take out everyone who ticks her off.  And she develops enough confidence in herself to break away from people who use her.

The Big Three
Language: I don't remember this being a problem.
Sex and Stuff: Far more than I was comfortable with, and more descriptive than it needed to be
Violence: Katsa injures/kills people in fairly graphic ways

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  1. Fantastic review.
    I had no idea about the sexual content.
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