Thursday, March 31, 2011

Peeta Casting & A Giveaway Tomorrow

Last week the rumor was that the Hunger Games (movie) makers had narrowed down their Peeta search to five guys, and were screen testing them.

Got bread? This picture is from The Hob.

Pick a Peeta (l-r): Josh Hutcherson, Lucas Till, Hunter Parrish, Evan Peters, Alexander Ludwig. I admit I've never seen these guys in anything, other than a Taylor Swift video for Lucas Till and 17 Again for Hunter Parrish (publicly admitting embarrassing library movie rentals continues)

Anyone have a preference? Judging just on who would look good opposite Jennifer Lawrence I think I'd go with Hunter Parrish. She looks older than her 20 years, and I think he is 23 or 24. He looks like my mental image of Peeta in some older pictures, but looks more Jacob Black-esque in newer ones. "Stocky" does not mean overly muscled, imho.

Also, I'm doing my first giveaway tomorrow! I know it's April Fool's, but I'm not kidding.


  1. if admitting you've watched 17 again is embarrassing then i should be flogged.also i choose hunter Parrish. simply because he's closer to my age therefore i feel less creepy picking him and finding him attractive. there, now that's embarrassing.

  2. Knowing nothing about anything, I am going with Lucas Till. I reserve the right to change my mind if I ever get around to reading the book!

    New follower.

  3. Rachel I would never judge you for whatever you watch. Sometimes I just feel like I'm too old to watch movies with Zac Efron in them. Or to even know who he is.
    Also, pretty sure it's ok to think a guy is attractive as long as his age starts with the same number as yours. ;) Hunter Parrish = good looking.

    BookBelle thank you for visiting and following! You have a great blog. I think Lucas Till is also a good choice, even without reading the book.
    If you get around to reading it, I hope you'll like Hunger Games. Sometimes I'm afraid I over-hype The books to others. They helped reconvert me to reading, so of course I think they're amazing. :)

  4. I think Hunter Parrish would be good also. Just going by this image here.

  5. That guy on the far right looks like a certain little next door neighbor boy from Chicago.

  6. I am very much hoping for Hunter Parrish! He is amazing in Weeds and I think he would make an awesome Peeta...


  7. Yay for love for Hunter Parrish. Except I heard Josh Hutcherson is supposedly the front runner. I guess they'll announce something soon enough.

    And Meg, I did think the kid on the end had a certain "white boy gang" look to him.

  8. OK, it's official. Let's all be sad. Josh Hutcherson for Peeta and Liam (Last Song) Hemsworth for Gale.