Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mixed Review: The Golden Spiral

The Golden Spiral
by Lisa Mangum

The Short Story 
Second book in The Hourglass Door trilogy continues the idea of time traveling romance and affecting the present/future by changing the past. Interesting, but occasionally confusing, read that I liked - more than I probably should have. Also, no bears.

Come for the...
I heard about this book on Busy Bee Lauren's blog. She has some good book recommendations.  But her blog, like this book, is one that I enjoy but recognize may not be for everyone.

The idea of time travel has always interested me, especially when it involves going back in time to change the present. (Like Harry Potter 3. It's one of my favorites for the time turner alone.)  The Golden Spiral uses the same idea, only the bad guy is the one controlling time. I liked watching Abbi's life fall apart throughout the book, and seeing the people she could rely on for help literally disappear. This series has one of the best bad guys I've seen in a while.

You can read chapter 1 from The Hourglass Door here.

Stay for the
best friend Valerie's story time; Leo; The Forgotten Locket - final book in the trilogy that comes out in May. Check out the fancy trailer, thanks to Fire and Ice. They have links to reviews of the first two books, too. She liked them more than I did, so ymmv.

Why this isn't a "Read This"
  • Some of the writing is rough. Usually I'm not a stickler on this, but there were passages (in The Hourglass Door especially) that made me roll my eyes with their over-the-top melodrama. I'll spare you and not quote them.
  • The concept of the river and the bank was confusing to me. Even two books in I couldn't get my head around it. I finally settled for bad guy doing bad things with time = bad.
  • Some of the main characters spoke Italian and it was never translated. Not just a word or two - whole sentences in another language that were never explained.
  •  This is petty, but why would a magical door in 15th century Italy end up leading people to the US? Wouldn't Italy seem more likely, since it still exists and all?

The Big Three
Language: Not an issue
Sex and Stuff: some kissing
Violence: some violence but nothing explicit


  1. Sorry, I don't know why the formatting is all wonky on this one. Some days my blog does its own thing.

  2. sounds interesting. Harry Potter 3 is definitely one of my faves because of the time traveler thing and the complex plot. i need to start making a list of all the books i should be reading because of you.

  3. Thanks for the honest review. I've heard stuff about the Hourglass but haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  4. Brandileigh, thanks for your comment! I need to definitely make it more clear... this book is part of a trilogy put out by a small-ish publishing company in Utah (Shadow Mountain)
    But there's another book coming out this June titled Hourglass. It's the one with the girl in the black dress and her blond hair being blown in front of her. I haven't read that one, but it looks good!
    I would hate for anyone to think I meant that series by this review.