Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Library Jimmer Session | Movies...in the library?

I have to acknowledge my alma mater BYU and how well they're doing in basketball this year. Hopefully this will be funny to people outside of Utah. If not, just skip this one. :)


  1. I know! I think the whole valley is a little Jimmer crazy right now. Every time Asher watches this video he holds up his arms and yells "Coo-guhs!"

  2. yeah you BYU/utahers are very into jimmer. i'm not opposed (duh i went there) but it's kinda funny (read that word in a positive/negative light). i did however REALLY like this video. super cute. and i know i responded on your other blog but guess what...i read both!

    and look at your and your followers miss thang. miss you!