Saturday, March 19, 2011

Does She Say Katniss to You?

thanks to The Hob for the picture.

I want to be excited for the Hunger Games movie, but I must get out a small rant first.  Jennifer Lawrence does not look like Katniss, at all.  At all.  Like not even close.

Moving on...

Now that Katniss has been officially cast, I decided it's a good time to start managing my expectations for the movie.  I've never read/loved a book before the movie came out, so this is new for me.  This is what I've decided.

  • The movie won't look like what it looks like in my head.  Period.  And I'll have to get over it.
  • Things I loved from the book might not make it into the movie.  Like Katniss being olive skinned and somewhat hairy; I loved how she defied traditional views of beauty.  Jennifer Lawrence, not so much.  And I'll have to get over it.
  • They might add things that weren't in the book, and I will think they're unnecessary.  Hunger Games will probably feature its own cringe-worthy version of that Harry/Hermione Deathly Hallows dance.  And I'll have to get over it.
  • The movie will probably be more violent than I imagined in my head. And I'll have to close my eyes. 
  • Even though it won't be how I would have made it (like I'd know what I was doing), or who I would have cast, I will still love seeing Hunger Games brought to life.  And I'll actually pay full price to see it.

What are your expectations for the Hunger Games movie?  Are there any movies you think have really gotten their book right?


  1. I wasn't very happy with her at first, but they said Suzanne Collins was involved with the process every step and had the final say, so if the author picked her I'm sure she will surprise you :)

  2. That's good to know! I watched the trailer for Winter's Bone, and she definitely looked tough in that. I think if she can really do the part justice it won't take long to win me over. I'd rather have someone who can pull off Katniss' emotion than someone with dark hair who can't act. :)

  3. Hi, I'm a new follower from Book Blogs. I've been waiting to see who they would pick. I guess only time will tell if she's a good fit. Usually the movies don't give the books justice. It is neat to see the book come to life though.

  4. Thanks Talia! I'm following you too.
    I agree about movies usually not doing the books justice. But one movie I liked better than the book was Harry Potter 5. I love all the rest of the Harry Potter movies, and some just as much as the books. Here's hoping the Hunger Games will be like that!

  5. I've come to terms with Jennifer - maybe she will dye her hair. I saw her in Winter's Bone and she was awesome. I, too, need to come to terms with the fact that the movie probably won't be like it was in my head. It was all so vivid! I just need to be sure to NOT read the book again before the movie comes out.

  6. Odell, I like your strategy of not reading the book too close to the movie! When I don't remember all the details I enjoy the movie even more. I thought about rereading Harry Potter 7 before the very last movie comes out this summer, but I think I'll watch first and then reread. :)

  7. Kathy,
    You're doing well to manage your expectations. Every now and again, I find a movie better than a book but rarely. (Case in point, LOVED the movie Under the Tuscan Sun; could not get through the beginning of the book.)
    The great thing about reading before a movie comes out is that your images are not influenced by someone's interpretation. It makes re-reading at a later date still pleasurable.

  8. Bummer . . . I hope they'll make her look more like Katniss for the film. ;)

  9. Ellen I'll have to give Under the Tuscan Sun a chance then. I think it's cool when a movie is better than the book.

    Elisabeth I'm with you. I hope hair dye and less glammy makeup will make her look more like Katniss and less like a supermodel. :)

  10. Hunger Games was such a riveting book that I can't imagine the movie being its equal, but I am willing to be pleasantly surprised if the cast can make it work. I'm like you, Kathy, just trying to manage my expectations for it.

    I almost always prefer the book to the movie, with one EXTREME exception. The Forrest Gump movie was unrecognizable when compared with the book. The movie was so good that nobody would get up in the theater as the end credits were rolling, and the book was so bad that I had a hard time finishing it. (Apologies to anyone who may have loved the book.)

  11. Mindy thanks for following!

    Rachel I had no idea Forrest Gump was a book. I really liked the movie so I guess I'll be staying away from the book!

  12. Hey Kathy,
    I thought the Time Traveler's Wife movie was much better than the book. So there you go. And I hope The Hunger Games movie is good.

  13. Meg I've heard that. Maybe I'll have to borrow that movie from the library. Plus I just like Rachel McAddams. I loved the Notebook, even though I've never had any desire to read the book.
    we should still cast the rest of the Hunger Games movie before the real people do it for us. :)